Withering fields and vanishing rivers

  • Esquire

    With the last remaining strength in his arms Aecterius dropped the bags full of wheat on the ground. He overlooked this year’s harvest, a meagre few dozen bags; days have been unusually dry this year. Due to the heat a lot of the crops dried up in the hills and weren’t of any use anymore. Aecterius lost about a third of his crops this year, but he knew it could’ve been worse. Others were less fortunate; some lost almost all their yield.

    Day in day out he went out to the fields, trying to do his best, watering the fields with what little was left in the more and more subsiding rivers, resembling more oversized ditches than the once ship carrying powerful streams they used to be. Not worth mentioning, those times belonged to the past. Where boats once slid across the water, carrying goods from town to town, cities now had to send carts to transport to gather and transport the harvest.

    Today appeared to be an especially warm day. Piolligo didn’t seem to have much sympathy for the people. For weeks she was hiding in the seas, not commanding a single drop of water to fall out from the cloudless sky onto the seared lands beneath. Showing no mercy to her thirsty and exhausted people, working tirelessly.

    He wondered what could have angered her so much. She may be upset with the lack of last year’s sacrifices and just remind the people of her power. Hopefully she would show herself a merciful goddess soon and spare the people of their torment. His daydreaming got interrupted when suddenly he heard quick steps coming closer to him.

    “Father!” He turned around. “The cattle…. they’re not doing well-” Before his youngest was even able to finish the sentence, Aecterius already passed him and went on to the hills where his cattle used to graze, while still exposed to the burning sun.
    The moment he arrived at the hills and looked over the dry grasslands larded with bodies, his face twisted and he frowned.

    At least Piolligo would have her sacrifices now.

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