Minister of Relations Discussion

  • Baron

    After a discussion in discord, the concept of a fifth minister, specifically one to fill an HR type role in the community was brought up. As there was alot of support for this position, im putting it up for discussion and hopefully voting

    The change to the charter would be as follows, at least as im suggesting, feel free to suggest alternate wordings or job duties.

    addition to Section 5, subsection a, fifth bullet point

    Minister of Relations: responsible for maintaining good will and healthy relations in the server community as a whole. Making sure members are respectful of each other, working to help discuss issues healthily with concerned parties, and working to uphold the bonds and strength of the community. The Minister of Relations is entrusted with maintaining impartiality and hearing the concerns of all members, and preventing interpersonal conflict in the whole of the server. The Minister of Relations will also work with the Minister of Justice to transfer over cases that require legal mediation or personal arbitration. The Minister of Relations will serve as an ear for the community, for all members to be able to discuss issues with them without fear of repercussion

  • Baron

    I am in favor of this position. I am also in favor for this position being unofficially known as the 'Anti-Lawn' seeing as my... confrontational habits got us The Fishening.. (I am so sorry everyone lol)

  • Baron

    I'm not against the creation of such a role, but I'd like to see some more duties added. Could this role also be encharged with keeping up with the activity of members? Perhaps the Ministry of Player Resources?

  • Prince

    I am not sure this needs to be a ministerial position, we already have the minister of justice who should be dealing with community issues, if its a big enough deal you need to talk to someone about it, it should be the minister of justice rather than putting a middle management person in between that. Everything the MoJ touches doesn't have to be a public judicial case.

    On a more personal level this seems like a feel good position. I don't really see the issue that adding a ministerial position is going to solve. We have mechanisms in place to deal with disrespect and general fuck-head-ness that should just be used more liberally if people are this in need.

  • Baron


    The Minister of Justice as it stands is entrusted with organizing our legal discussions and voting periods- which is a fairly busy clerical job when we aren't having court cases

    I think a position specifically for outreach and civil conflict is a good idea precisely because our members are all very different with different needs and ideas for how we move forward. A minister of relations would be entrusted with collecting data person to person that a survey won't show- will be entrusted with hearing out concerns and frustrations before it gets to a formal charge. I see the Justice Minister as being stoic and the Relations Minister as being proactive.

    The issue being solved by such a position would be letting some of the steam out of the pressure cooker before it detonates in the kitchen. Obviously we're going to continue having conflicts but it would really be nice to have a go-between. Many in the community feel intimidated to speak up about their qualms until we're at each other's throats and as much as I dislike pulling the Fishening card, I am willing to give a "feelgood" position a test run if only as a show of concern, especially considering our recent spats.

    Doesn't really hurt to have a ministerial tiebreaker either - though unanimity is always best of course

  • Count

    I just want to point out, the whole barons not meeting requirements discussion that made everyone start thinking our whole system needs to be overhauled... that was brought up because I had heard concerns/complaints from others as well that barons werent meeting the requirements... I literally did what this whole position was supposed to do.

    I'm not opposed to a 5th ministry in general, but this just seems like a feel good position without a meaningful job.

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