March of Myralis (A Candarion Piece of Music)

  • Baron

    This piece was commissioned by Darius Flavius in the year 200 FC. Darius was ready to celebrate; not only had he just founded the prosperous settlement of Dragon's crown, but he was also about to begin a third century as king of Myralis. Wanting to commemorate this special occasion, Darius began searching throughout all of Myralis to find someone to write a piece of music that could embody the spirit of Myralis. In a tavern in New Haven, Darius discovered the warrior-poet Agus Polvarius, a mercenary who wrote songs about his adventures. Agus Polvarius had never written a piece for more than one instrument before, but when the god-king himself asks you to do something, it's hard to turn him down. The piece was originally written just for the festivities, but Darius liked it so much that he demanded the song be played wherever he or his armies go. The piece came to be known as The March of Myralis and it can still be heard wherever the armies of Myralis march.

    The piece:

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