Process of Realm Relinquishment

  • Baron

    Hey all! With Loric's recent relinquishment there was some discussion at revamping the process since there were some gaps we hadn't foreseen until the box was opened and we looked inside. So below is the process that a number of us put together to have a nice and clean flow for realms during and after the relinquishment process.

    1. Member makes a forum post declaring the relinquishment of their realm.
      1a. After 1 week (no vote) the realm is successfully relinquished.
    2. The builds within the relinquished realm no longer count for the member who relinquished it.
      2a. The member's rank remains the same and maintains all rights granted to them.
      2b. The member is under no expectation to (re)meet their rank reqs within any timeframe.
    3. The land (and therefor builds) are given to the Ministry of Lore for oversight and holding.
    4. At any time after the Ministry of Lore acquires the land another member of sufficient rank may make a Standard Land Claim of the land (and therefor any builds within the claim); this Land Claim follows the preexisting process.
      4a. The builds within the (re)claimed land do not count for the new owner's build count.
      4b. The builds within the (re)claimed land belong to the new owner and may be handled in any way the new owner desires.

    This is a system that addresses a few concerns some of us had. Those concerns were "What do we do with the land and builds?" and also "What happens to the previous owner's build count and rank?" as these were things we didnt really think about until we already found ourselves in the situation. We also didnt really care for having to wait weeks and then for a vote for someone to drop their stuff - seemed too much.

    Please discuss!

  • Baron

    I think it's kinda weird that someone could block someone else from relingishing a realm by calling for a vote. That's like y'all calling a vote to force me to keep my car if I wanted to give it up.

    Edit: I reread it and I'm stupid. I thought the (no vote) meant someone could call for one. Carry on.

  • Baron

    @Mimo I love you, you idiot. Our current system has a vote lol, this one does not.

  • What happens to (especially non-noble) vassals that were in the relinquished realm? I’m assuming they keep their builds, based on how it’s worded, but what else?

    Since the text mentions a standard land claim (which the charter says is mushroom gulag sized unless enough justification is given), if the relinquished realm is large (say, Helios-sized), how would that work? Is the justification the fact that claiming half a realm would make no sense?

  • Count

    I disagree with taking the vote away.

    The idea of relinquishment should not be taken lightly. The reason we make people reach baron is because we didn't want a bunch of people starting realms and disappearing, leaving the map with tons of half made projects that nobody is likely to go in and finish.

    The same reasoning should be applied to relinquishing realms. I would prefer to require (within reason) realms get polished off before someone moves on to another realm. Voting allows a consensus to be made on that front.

  • Baron


    I think the issue is we can't force anybody to finish their projects. I doubt a person considering relinquishing their realm will be motivated to remain building even if told to stay. It'll be much more likely they just leave, still leaving the realm half finished.

  • Baron

    I agree with Kalo here. Forcing someone to feel the weight of the consequences of something they arguably have no control over–their creativity and creative motivation–simply for the right to move on to something that they do find to be a motivating outlet, seems unhandy.

  • Baron

    @Alric Don't mean to sound snippy here but ah yes, forcing someone to finish off their realm rather seems oddly counterintuitive. Why should the community have a say on forcing someone else to complete their realm? This idea itself creates a bad precedent that I don't want to see on this server, the idea that we are forced to do something is odd, especially in this capacity.

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