Gender, Sex and Relationships in Anaetyr

  • Baron

    Anaetyne only have one gender, and as such they dont have a word for it or a concept of genders as exist amongst other races. In order for Anaetyne to conceive children, they must be present at the Tilce M'Vizas (Ceremony of Life), a special ritual held on the first day of the year. This ritual allows Anaetyne couples to produce offspring, and the effect lasts for one day. Pregnancy lasts for 12 months, so all anaetyne elves are born on the same day of the year, on Faize M'Van (Festival of Birth). While sex may happen recreationally any time of the year, and often does, it can only result in pregnancy if both partners were present for the Tilce M'Vizas

    There is no equivalent to marriage in Anaetyne society, romantic/sexual partnerships last only as long as all parties want to remain in them, and many such relationships are polyamorous. Monogamy isn’t uncommon either, but there is no official version of a lifelong commitment to one partner. Its not uncommon for relationships to end and then be picked back up later.

    Essentially, any living consenting adult of a sentient race may engage in whatever they want with another living consenting adult of a sentient race, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, and isn’t between people who are related. Anything that doesn’t fall within those bounds is forbidden. As many members of Veon are not biologically related to eachother, its fine for them to engage in relationships with eachother, provided they arent related.

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