What does your realm export?

  • Viscount

    Post the goods your realm exports here so that others know what’s available for import. Let’s get some trade routes going!

  • Baron

    As of right now, our main export is memes. The latest being me digging in the complete wrong direction in the nether while building my line. I'll update this when my realm is no longer a meme.

  • Prince

    Horror? Is horror an export?

    But in Seriousness,

    Helios current exports are paper, books, lumber and steel tools.

    • The paper is of a good quality that takes ink well and can be produced in fairly large rolls or in sheets.
    • The Books are written in Helian but some have been translated into the trade language and are generally non-fiction tales of Knight Valiant or Knight Clairvoyant or of powerful nobles. Sadly many outsiders think these are just great works of fiction.
    • The Steel that comes from Helios is very high quality and the tools produced have a much longer shelf life than typically mass manufactured tools. Some Precision tools have come from Helios in recent years.

  • Viscount

    Martoise exports the following goods (in order from largest to smallest quantity):

    • Grains (mostly wheat and rye), lavender, chestnuts, and edible herbs
    • Cheeses, mostly made of goat's milk
    • Pear wine
    • Textiles (particularly patterned cloth) and tapestries
    • Oak, yew, and poplar timber
    • Glass and stained glass

  • Non-Participating Baron

    Caledor's main exports:

    Niche exports:
    -Fire starters
    -Fire resistant clothing and armour
    -Human and dwarven slaves

  • Baron

    Aiolia's Main Exports:
    -Golems (of every kind, see the Golem race page when I get around to it 🙂 ) (Golems also make utterly brilliant slaves, though can only serve one purpose. Sentient golem slaves will be coming soon though as Aiolia's lore develops)
    -High-quality terracotta and pottery
    -High-quality stone
    -Oak, birch, and spruce lumber

  • Minister Duke

    Obrexia's main exports:

    -Spruce Timber
    -Medicinal Herbs
    -Not So Medicinal Herbs such as Peppercorns and Dried Thyme and Rosemary
    -Obrexia trade families are individual mercantile entities and they deal in all kinds of goods locally and abroad.
    -Some salt is dried in the north of Obrexia but not much is exported outside the country.
    -Though most Obrexians don't keep slaves they will deal in the sentient flesh, though not from within its own borders.

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