Application: AdmiralBronzeBrawn

  • I am known as captain Marrow Mace. I was once a pirate king, and for a while we prospered. Our plunder was plentiful and the grog never ran dry. Piracy, however, creates many enemies. After years of near constant attack, our nation crumbled. Many of us were slain. We few survivors fled our only home, hoping to find safe harbor elsewhere.

    On that cursed night I fell into desperation. Seeking to ensure the future of my people, I called upon a forbidden ritual as old as the sea. I wished that my bones would not rest until I had delivered my people to a new home. A powerful sea spirit accepted my offering, and granted me my desire. My skin crackled to dust, and flesh was cleaved from bone. My soul was bound to my skeletal remains, and the rest of me was taken as tribute.

    Generations have passed, and the descendants of my people still sail in search of a home. My soul cannot move on until my people are settled. Many have turned us away, distrustful of a living crew that serves a captain long dead. For years I had given up hope. That all changed when I spied the shores of Candarion for the first time. I knew then that I had a place to rest my bones.

    My name is Mitch. I am a 22 year old male. My time zone is mountain standard. My interests include Magic the Gathering, bass guitar, and reading. I primarily read sci-fi and fantasy. I would cite Dune and GoT as works that formed my tastes in literature.
    My minecraft username is HeroBrine42069.
    I have played minecraft since 8th grade. I have been a server owner previously. Recently I have played anarchy servers for a more challenging survival experience.
    My world building experience comes from writing short stories. I look forward to the challenge ahead. Finding room for my own story within an already existing body of lore is a daunting, yet exciting task.

  • Minister Duke

    Hello! Here are some of the usual questions:
    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What type of races are you most interested in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    Are you in the discord? It is a requirement for membership.

  • Baron

    In addition to the questions that Bryson asked, are you able to provide with some build pictures showcasing your general building ability in MC? Note that this will not affect your application process, it's just something we like to see before voting on an applicant.

  • Baron

    I will have to withhold my vote until I see some screenshots of builds. I don't want to come across as rude, but it is one of the requirements and really helpful for judging the application. I look forward to seeing what you have!

  • @bryson3842
    My favorite color is purple.
    As a magic player I'm a huge fan of elves and merfolk. I also think the orcs from Warhammer are pretty sick.
    I believe so I'm aware of how vassalage works, but a refresher would certainly be appreciated.
    My favorite biome to build in is the taiga, and spruce is my favorite wood. Jungle biome is a close second though.

    Discord: Stackhouse#6456

    I also saw some build requests and I will post those later today as I'm on mobile right now.

  • 2020-02-16_18.25.24.png 2020-02-16_18.12.44.png

    Here's something I threw together just now.

  • Baron


    Make sure youโ€™re in our discord, it is required to be a member in the community.

    Discord invite link

  • @Mimo Accepted and joined, thank you!

  • Viscount

    I would like to see how you fare with bigger builds / more complex designs, though I'll get this rolling.

    Vote 1/5

  • Baron

    vote 2/5

  • Baron

    Neat! 3/5

  • Baron

    yes. 4/5

  • 2020-02-18_06.06.13.png

  • Baron

    Heres my vote 5/5

  • Baron

    Hey AdmiralBronzeBrawn

    You've received all the necessary votes. Congratulations!

    We now need to arrange a short voice interview on discord.

    Have you joined our discord yet? Heres the link if not:

    Please send our Applications Ministry a message to arrange the interview and we will progress your application

  • Baron

    After a satisfactory interview I am approving Mitches application


    Liege offers may now commence

  • Viscount

    alt text
    I would love to offer you vassalage to Ostaria! The Lands of Ostaria are home to many civilizations, filled to the brim with exciting cultural diversity and magical beings! Join me for an adventure through Ostaria, packed with powerful elder beasts, divine trees, terrifying gods of the old world, and not to mention, bloodthirsty dwarves!

    Feel free to ask any questions here or on discord, and I will gladly answer. I am almost always available to give a tour, if you'd like.

    I'd love to have you on board! You can also have my other vassals to keep you company while I am away ๐Ÿ™‚

    Message Darius#6486 on the discord for more ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Darius I accept!

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