IMW: Lord Investigator's Log

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    Iron Moon War: Subchapter 1: Lord Investigator's Log

    This is the collective abridged reports of the Lord Investigator George of Portwatch on the incidents that led to the event colloquially called the Night of a Thousand Howls, specifically the events at The Forward Command, called Omari’s Respit.

    George: What is your name?

    Alex: Alex

    George: Where are you from?

    Alex: Nahita.

    George: Where were you posted before the attack

    Alex: I was on watch, I had switched with Uster, he is from Etten he’s- he was, he was-

    George: Take a breath son.

    Alex: He was my best friend.

    George: When the moon fell what happened?

    Alex: I was on watch, It didn’t look like anything. I heard the howls like everyone else, but I didn’t see any wolves in the distance. They didn’t come from outside, at least not at first. The first one came from inside, they were behind me. In the camp.

    George: What did you do?

    Alex: I blew my horn. I blew as loud as I could but the howls and the roars they were even louder than I was.

    George: Thank you.

    George: When the wolves appeared was there any prior warnings?

    Jule: No, no horn came until they were already tearing through camp, and it came from the Valiant.
    George: Are you sure there wasn’t a horn from any of the watchmen?

    Jule: No. They blow in succession, if one goes then they all follow. No one started at least not before the Valiant horns went off.

    George: Thank you for the time, can you explain to me the events as you saw them Sir.

    Sir Hector: A squire, I believe it was Squire Lennox, blew a horn when he encountered a soldier shifting. He did not engage right off and his knight engaged the half shifted man. A second horn went off from another squire but by then we were all engaged.

    George: Were all of these threats internal?

    Sir Hector: Yes, initially.

    George: When did the threat become external?

    Sir Hector: The newly shifted wolves were easy to put down, just rage monsters, no planning. It was when they were starting to flee from us, to the woods that they encountered the others. At least 15 wolves from the far treeline. Armored, armed.

    George: Are you sure they were armored?

    Sir Hector: Do you question my account?

    George: I apologize, it’s- Lets move on.

    Alice: I work in knitting, we repair the chain. We were trying ot keep busy, keep our minds off the moon.

    George: Continue please.

    Alice: we heard the howls but to try and drown it out in the tent we started to sing. They told us we were safe and that the Valiants were protecting us. We were sure they would. But-

    George: Yes. They were only Novitiates protecting you, they did what they could.

    Alice: They should have kept a real knight there with us. How could they expect us to fight something like that?
    George: Can you tell me what happened before you fled.

    Alice: We could hear the fighting, and then all of the sudden the fighting was in the tent next to us and then in our tent, it was chaos. The thing was the height of a heavy draft and they were fighting with it, but it was like watching someone fend off children. We ran but when we got out of the tent, there were more than jus the one, I couldn’t count truly but it seemed at least five.

    George: What is your name?

    Fennis: Novitiate Fennis, under Dame Valiant Ibiz

    George: Can you explain what happened at the bulwark?

    Fennis: We had all been charged with holding the choke point between the main field and the non-combatant camp. We had seen the battle raging below and then all of the sudden there were three wolves sprinting at us, we braced and took the brunt of the charge but they upended the bulwarks completely.

    George: They stroyed the wall?

    Fennis: Yes. They didn't stop at us though, they only wanted to presse deeper. We had been prepared for anything, armored wolf. There was little hope to kill, only to delay.

    George: Sergeant, you were in command of the watchman Alex, do you believe that he blew his horn?

    Sergeant: He said it did, and I have no reason to believe he didn’t

    George: So you heard the horn? If so, why didn’t the other horns go off?

    Sergeant: No. I didn’t hear a horn not right away at least. There was a Valiant horn blast.

    George: So, you didn’t hear him blow his horn?

    Sergeant: If he says he did. Then he did.

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