Saga of Mochs and Men

  • Baron

    Antou's influence seeps into Oniganche, spewing from the vile tongues of Dantaine missionaries. The upper castes of Saskitchemoch have succumbed to this foreign heresy, resulting in discontent and instability among the Moch's populace.

    Led by the prominent young son of the Saskitchemoch Bloodchief - Tioteche, an Exodus of the lower castes flees the Moch. Following Visions thought to be granted by Twae'koa to Tioteche's lover Kaiao, the pair lead the Exodus across Oniganche to an ancient city buried beneath ash and soil - the same city from Kaiao's Visions.

    Not content to huddle in the ruins of a forgotten people, Tioteche sought out and gathered the leadership of the fractured Tribes that made up the Exodus. Together they decided to unite and form Kaiaomoch, starting with reorganizing the people back into Castes and subjugating surrounding local tribes.

    Kaiaomoch now has a tentative hold on survival, but they are surrounded by enemies each way the wind blows. Tioteche balances wars both militaristic and political as he gambles with the fate of Moch and Men.

    (This Saga is not complete and will be updated as the story continues. What follows is a chronological compilation of posts pertaining to this story.)

    Beginnings and Ends

    Ends and Beginnings

    Letter to the Chiefs of Twi'la'moch from Alfred Cordell

    Shifting Persectives

    Battles of a Different Kind

    The End All Men Meet

    The Hardest Things to Never Say

    Vengeance Vindicated

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