[STORY] My Piece of Heaven - 12

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    Full Story(Original Document) - My Piece of Heaven

    Some girls learnt the ways of life as apprentice’s under their own mothers, some left to their own devices; this was not the case for 12 year old Launa Fiorina, who under the supervision of her family's wealthy estate had been given a fleet of Madams to secure her correct upbringing. Her family, a case of legacy money from strong investments in the shipping industry, had become one of the wealthiest in Pianto Dia Florina; and although she rarely encountered her mother and father, she did have favorite caretakers who took on those critical roles for her.

    One of those young women who became somewhat of a mother figure to our young Launa was Madam Darla. Darla was in charge of the everyday mundane tasks of raising a child; the feeding, the cleaning, the strictly-monitored maintenance of hair, all masterfully undertaken by Darla. It was on one of those nightly evenings in Launa’s bed chambers that curiosity won over and the young girl began the nearly endless bombardment of questions;

    “Were you taller than me at 12 Darla?” Asked Launa,
    “Much smaller -- Nearly pint-sized” Responded Darla, in a playful tone that seemed to bounce off every word uttered in her speech.
    “Was your hair as long as mine?”
    “No, I didn’t have my own Darla to brush it every night.”


    “Well - You have pretty hair now Madam Darla.” Launa said, looking up into the face of the gentle woman, before slowly turning away and staring at the floorboards.

    “Were you engaged at my age Darla?”

    Darla, sensing the change in mood from the young Launa quickly motioned to change the subject. “Launa, you’re not like most girls.. Including myself when I was just a girl,” she said while meticulously brushing the long strands of hair on the young girl’s scalp, “You ask questions, and want to know why..” her eyes lingering on the brush in between her fingers, “I want you to always be that way Launa.”

    Launa, continuing her gaze at the room ahead of her, broke out into a large toothy smile as she shouted “Always! As long as you're here to answer”. Behind her, an uncontrollable smile broke out upon Darla’s face, which was soon joined by a tear rolling down her face.

    In late winter of that year, Launa was introduced to her fiance, Alonso Fonte, a boy who was equal to her age, and a descendant of the infamously violent Fonte family. Their relationship began in much the same manner as typical engagements go, awkward and uncomfortable. Launa had known little of the boy before meeting him, and upon their departure from one another, knew even less. While the young boy was playful and Launa enjoyed his company, she knew little of the realities of engagement.

    On the carriage ride back home to their residence, Launa took the time to ponder her future with her Madam Darla.
    “Darla, I’m going to raise my own children once I’m married.. But we’ll still need you around!” said Launa, with a cheerful demeanor as she wondered about her future.

    Darla, becoming silent and folding her arms in her lap, refrained from raising her head as she began talking to Launa,
    “You know Launa.. You’re getting older.”
    “Of course I know that Madam, you are too!”

    The quick-witted response from the young Launa brought a fond smile across Darla’s face, as she reached forward and hugged the young girl. Launa was not used to such an action, and was shocked when she was pulled into Darla’s chest; such personal contact had often been pushed away by Darla.

    That night, as Launa laid in bed, staring out at the night sky through her extravagant window, she caught glimpse of a figure moving across the estate’s gardens. As she studied the figure harder, it appeared to be that of Madam Darla, who was holding onto a large case and wearing a formal outdoor outfit. Launa could only watch as Darla slipped past the large exterior gates, before falling to her knees and closing her eyes.


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