[STORY] My Piece of Heaven - 32

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    Full Story(Original Document) - My Piece of Heaven

    The paperwork piled upon Launa’s desk as the waves of staff members continuously crashed upon her office’s doorsteps. Each one was read, verified, and then finally approved; this has become a daily chore of Launa’s as she has grown into a supervisory position within her family’s business.

    It was on this busy work-filled day that Launa opened a letter from the elders within her family. The violently bleached, porcelain-white paper was written in an almost elusive and secretive form of script unique to her family; It read:

    Dear Launa,

    Congratulations on the successful capture of your most recent business acquisition. Your hard work has been dutifully noticed by the family, and the heirs to your legacy will be grateful for the sacrifice. However, it’s come to our attention you’ve reached the age of 32 with only two viable children.
    Please continue to work on this dilemma, in much the same fashion Alonso has been. It is your duty to ensure the longevity of the family is continued.

    With the quick swipe of her well-rehearsed hand, the letter was signed and approved; handed to an aide whose task is to archive these messages. Just as one would exit the chambers, another swiftly swooped in to replace them; this time with a letter from her husband Alonso. “From Alonso’s Office, M’lady.. I was told to send this to you with urgency.” The young delivery boy said, clearly out of breath from the brisk delivery he was tasked with making.
    The letter, embedded with Alonso's signature, weighed heavily in her hands. The blade glided effortlessly through the thin fabric of the seal as she cut through to reveal their contents. Within the confines of the enclosed letter was a development report from the Madam in charged with the care of her eldest child, Madelina.


    Madelina is developing at an astounding rate for such a young girl, at only the age of 13 she has managed to conquer not only the violin, but the cello and flute as well. Her gifts in the arts will surely attract the likes of a family with a strong cultural background.
    It is important, however, to inform you of her disertence relating to the study of formal teaching. It is typical for a child who has shown signs of disruption to be given extra support, but rather I am alone.

    A small letter was hidden between the folds of the report; a seemingly hand-written opinion by her now nearly immobile husband. The words flowed onto the page as if written by a blind child, his grasp apparently too shaky to remain steady. She had been informed of the degeneration of his youth, but rarely bore direct witness to the realities of his seniority.


    I have approved the supply of assistance to Madam Televa in her goal of developing Madelina into a bride worthy of engagement. At the age of 13 she has still yet to collect the promise of a future husband; I understand you’ve left letters unread for irresponsible lengths of time.
    I am hoping you understand and agree with my decision to take over the child rearing responsibilities of the parent; which was passed onto me by the family. Take care.

    The letter gently cascaded from the desk with the light-touch of a feather, crashing with the subtlety of an anvil upon its conclusion with the floorboards. It seemed like a lifetime of silence had filled the room, as the door closed and the light from outside faded beyond the distance. The windows fluttered shut, and the once persistent noise from the outside world became now a muffled dialect.
    The pitch darkness was only broken by the lighting of her work-side lantern; as a single drop of rain flooded the rooftops. Her hands, visible only from the lantern’s teetering light, began their now engrained dance through her paperwork. Letter by letter, note by note, signed, verified, and approved.

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