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    Full Story(Original Document) - My Piece of Heaven

    Madelina’s family estate was extravagant, often members of foreign courts would traverse the city only in hopes of finding its beauty. Today, the sun shone its light seemingly only for the magnificence of the home; which was built under the support of her now wealthy family empire. The hustle and bustle of maidens and butlers was only interrupted by the arrival of Launa, whose unannounced entry onto the estate sent them into a spiral.

    “Lady Launa..” The head of the household, a younger woman in her late 30s said, as she gently introduced herself to the now senior family member.

    “How is it we can help you today? Madelina is out of the city currently..” The woman was interrupted as the now frail, 67 year old Launa bluntly rose her hand and asked for the whereabouts of Madelina’s youngest, Isabella.

    "Y-Yes! Right away, please allow me to guide you.” The woman said, her head pointed at her feet as she led the elderly woman throughout the grandiose halls of the estate. As they entered Isabella’s living quarters, the woman was asked to turn away and clear the estate for the evening.

    Within the bedside chambers sat a confused Isabella, who only ever saw her grandmother during ceremonial occasions. The young girl, only 12 years old, was tasked by her grandmother to find the brush her Madam’s used to maintain her hair. Upon her successful discovery of the object, they sat together in the now silent and empty estate.

    A confused and slightly concerned Isabella allowed the elderly woman to brush her hair, herself on the bedside floorboards, her grandmother on the bed, gently ensuring the meticulous maintenance of her granddaughter’s hair. The silence was broken by her grandmother, as she began talking to the young girl about her life.

    “You’re quite tall now Isabella… I was shorter than you at 12” The grandmother said.
    “Oh.” replied the young girl.

    “I was your age when I learnt of my own engagement.”

    “Me too.”

    “Oh.” The grandmother said as she finished brushing the girl’s hair. Isabella, sensing the change in her grandmother’s tone, asked if she would like to go outside and see their garden, to which Launa graciously agreed to.

    “My favorite flowers are at the highest part of the garden!” Called out Isabella, now in a joyful mood as she gently guided her elderly grandmother throughout her personal haven.

    “Well then.. we better start heading up.” called out Launa, excited to see a personal moment of her granddaughter.

    As the two began their descent up the many flights of stairs, each step higher became gradually easier for the elderly woman. Her dried and time-wearied skin began to become more elastic and filled with life as they climbed higher into the elevated garden. Her shaky footsteps began to become more joyful leeps, as she joined her granddaughter in a race.

    “I’ll beat you!” cried out Launa, who was now steps ahead. Isabella, catching a glimpse of her grandmother’s long and flowing hair fading into the distance before her, began to catch onto the competitive streak and hurried her chase.
    As the two young girls made it up to the highest level of the garden, they each leaned onto the tree to support their tired legs. Out of breath, and gasping for air, Launa could still build up the strength to cheer on her own victory. Isabella, excited to finally have a friend with her, could only laugh as Launa jumped in excitement.

    The two 12 year old girls sat on the edge of the garden’s stone walls, their feet hanging freely over the likely 50 foot distance between them and the gardens below. From their vantage point high above the ground, they could see the seemingly endless horizon of the sea surrounding them, and the city.

    “I can see why you love this place so much Isabella!” Shouted Launa, who lifted her arms higher into the air to feel the strong flow of wind. Isabella, focused on the infinite horizon all around them, caught onto a flicker of curiosity as she began talking to her new friend.

    “Hey Launa, have you ever seen past the ocean?” Isabella asked, pondering her for information about the outside world.
    “Once.. but I didn’t know what to do outside, it was really big, and green!”

    “I went to Kryizon and they had flowers like these, but everywhere! Even the people outside the city’s walls had flowers!” Isabella smiled at the response Launa gave, imaging in her head an entire world filled to the brim with colors.

    “Can we go together sometime?” asked Isabella.

    “No, they won’t let us.” Launa replied, before tilting her head towards the sky and allowing her long hair to fly freely in the wild. Before Isabella could respond, a voice from below began to call out for her.

    “Isabella!” an older woman called out from below.

    “Oh, I have to go Launa, I have music study to do.” Isabella said before standing up and wiping the dirt off her clothing.
    “You can come with, it’s fun.” Isabella’s suggestion was brushed off by Launa, who wanted to remain high above the ground in the garden.

    As Isabella reached the bottom of the garden and caught up with Madam Louisa, she could see a now faraway Launa standing at the top of the garden and waving her hands in a rapid swinging motion, before hearing her shout at the top of her lungs;


    Madam Louisa, confused by the sudden shout asked Isabella who that girl was with her in the garden.
    “That’s my grandmother Launa!” exclaimed Isabella, with a large smile on her face. Louisa shook her head in disbelief, before reminding the girl not to lie.
    “Your grandmother is soon to be the next head of the Fiorina family, now let’s hurry before you’re late.” Isabella, wanting to avoid being corrected, simply agreed with her Madam as they continued on their journey.

    Launa, alone at the top of the garden, watched the sunset and allowed room for the arrival of the moon. The night sky filled with the twinkling stars of a universe far larger than her own. As she turned around to witness the full extent of the beauty, she saw Madam Darla, who had two children wrapped around her legs. Behind her was a 12 year old Alonso, excited to see her and eager to play.
    With a smile on her face, Launa closed her eyes and leaned into heaven.

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