Ornthasian history of the fall of the Empire

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    In the last days of the Empire, the mortal races reached the pinnacle of arcane knowledge and skill. Combining their powers, groups of wizards and sorcerers were able to accomplish magics unimaginable by arcane practitioners of the our age.

    However the powers of those ancient mages were still a pale shadow of what even the lowest of the gods could do alone. Together the magi could do great works, but alone they were limited.

    A theory was eventually conceived, that if the magi tapped into the the same power that fed the gods, the arcane flows of the universe, they could rid themselves of their limitations and be equal to the gods in their arcane abilities.

    It was decided that the theory should be tested, and one hundred of the strongest wizards gathered to perform the ritual. At its completion, each wizard was flooded with new power. At that same moment, his power diverted, the god Adrus fell unconscious.
    The gathering did not immediately realize their mistake and the other gods gave them no time to discover it. They attacked immediately and ruthlessly, not just at the gathered magi, but at all mortals across the empire.
    Reacting to an attack on their very existence, the magi of the old empire fought bitterly, the divine wizards leading their defense. These empowered magi gathered their peers and turned the new ritual into a weapon, siphoning power from their enemy and using it to go on the offensive. Soon the gods were fighting for their own survival. As more and more of their power was taken it became apparent that they could not win. Eventually the gods faded from this world, their power broken into a thousand shards.
    With the gods defeated, the mortals turned on each other, fighting for scraps of the divine power. Without gods to guide the elements, natural disasters wreaked havoc upon the land, adding to the chaos.
    Civilization crumbled, and the divine power slipped away from the hands of mortals, settling into new currents through universe.

    From the Memories of the Nemara
    Recorded by High Priest Therien
    400 F.C.

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