[LORE EVENT] Lunar Eclipse

  • Baron

    A lunar eclipse is occuring during Leaf's Change, Fall of 30 SC.

    Do lunar eclipses have any superstition, fear, or other special significance in your society?
    Tell us about them!

    Acceptable submissions include but are not limited to story or wiki-style writing, images, and interpretive dance videos.
    Aim for minimum 200 words.

    As always, all participants will receive trophy or participation trophies as appropriate and top prize is a perfect tool.
    (This is all I know that people like, sorry!)

  • Prince


    Specifically this section

    Total Lunar Eclipse are something often looked at with some hesitation as it is known as the Bloody Eye, and is deeply tied to the Blood Touched people. It is said that the red moon is caused by a celestial fight between Lorna and Alkourie resulting in the great eye of Lorna (The full moon) being damaged and splattered with Alkourie’s blood. The moon is said to drive blood touched mad with thirst either for blood or battle.

    Because the number of Blood Touched is so limited it is held as more of a superstition than actual fact. This superstition is true in all places of Helios except for Vansen County, which has the highest population of Blood Touched, either born or immigrated, due to the nature of the leaders of the Vansen House. In Vansen it is held as fact and in some places, like Novia, celebrated. Willing participants offer themselves to be fed upon during the Bloody Eye, believing that with the loss of blood they are cleansed of sickness and bad omens.

    Partial Lunar Eclipses are another event entirely in Helios. It is seen as Lorna’s defeat by Alkourie, her great eye half lidded and tired. Strict Lorna followers will observe a period of mourning for no less than a week after the partial eclipse, while those fanatics in service to Alkourie enjoy a week of revelry.

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