Moving down the vote to current Knight requirements

  • Minister Duke

    How would people feel about moving down the right to vote to around the current knight requirements, or Courtier in the two-lane system?

  • Viscount

    I'm not a fan, as 1. it feels too soon, and 2. there is no community vote to give them that privelage. Simply up to the courtesy of the liege, and I think that is too much power for a liege alone to go ahead and decide when their vassal gets to vote. It should remain with baron, after a successful petition. We should decide together if someone is ready to have a vote. I sure as hell don't want some new guy I barely know of to all of a sudden be able to vote on our proposals. I'd like to have a say in it, and know that they have put in the work first.

  • Minister Duke

    @Darius if the vote would be moved down it would be a public vote. At least it should be in my opinion. There isn't really a too soon in my opinion especially when it is only moving down a single rank. If someone is going to build 15 builds then they are likely to build more, and it provides more investment in the community.

  • Viscount

    @bryson3842 if there were a vote and it were raised to 20-35 builds, sure. Maybe.

    Otherwise, absolutely not.

  • Baron

    I'd be totally down with it. People will be able to contribute to the world sooner after their joining. More people would be represented and less would be completely ignored. Some of the new knights i know do want a say in our politics, and it's not like getting knight is effortless. 15 builds is a good contribution and gives them enough time to be known and interact with everyone. I will say that if this goes through, knight should be left to a public vote though

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