Papa T's Petition to Duke

  • Duke

    Looking to Duke,

    Major reason for this is that it was brought up in discussion that we should be applying for this shit when we hit the requirements and not waiting for arbitrary periods of time. I want people to apply for advancement and not feel like they need to vastly exceed what we have set forth, so for that reason I need to be the change I want to see.

    Building counts w/ Count requirements in brackets
    Large Settlement: 61 (60) (35x2)
    Settlements: 12 (4)
    Buildings: 163 (120)
    Total Count: 224 (180)

    Detailed Build Amounts per Settlement & Etc.
    Large Settlement: Hyperion (61)

    • Novia (41)
    • Aruna (7)
    • Savina (13)
    • Agni Goldmine (7)
    • Arctos (21)
    • Yarisum (10)
    • Vallencourt (8)
    • Lokun (8)
    • Trait Shipyard (9)
    • Cataran (11)
    • Isara (15)
    • Waystations (2)
    • Gintaras (1)
    • Kaligos (7)
    • Boats (3)

    Lore: I have put out quite a bit of lore since the last push, about 19 pieces of forum lore, including the start of the Iron Moon War. The Wiki has been another place I have been doing more cross linking and more specific entries around the faith and the Knight Valiant.

  • Baron

    I see no problem whatsoever. You've done a shit ton to contribute to the world and Helios is the most fleshed out place I've had the pleasure of seeing. Only thing is, what's your largest build like? I've heard it said that a duke should have at least 1 "mega-build" (not legally required, but just something I agree with)

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