IMW: Devastation of the South

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    Iron Moon War: Supchapter 2: Devastation of the South

    “Its the first guys from the south, we need to get there before he is done telling the story.” Heath practically drug his girlfriend by the hand heading towards one of the many medical tents. He had inside information that the new arrivals were from the south and there was so little information he had to know. He got to the tent and went around the side, there were a few other gathered there away from teh guards who were already paid off to let them in. He nodded to the burly wagon hand who was the side entrance guard and Heath and his companion sliped in. There were maybe 20 people inside all doing a poor job of remaining quiet,

    “Good we haven’t missed it yet.” He whispered. They found a seat and waited for the battered man to speak. He’d been paid in good coin, probably far more than he was making in pay from the battle, likely a full Ardas coin.

    “It was madness at first and turned into a calamity soon after. They had all of us standing in a big field, waiting for the moon to rise. No one wanted to be close to anyone else, it was so tense. Then the first of them changed, it was just screaming and fur and people running. Commander were yellin orders, trying to get us into formation to defend but everything had been just chaos. Then the Valiant started fighting, they didn’t even care about the rest of us. They were almost worse than the wolves. “

    The gathered group gasped, it was almost blasphemy to say such a thing.

    “They is hard to put into words. They wield a terrifying strength. Able to go toe to toe with the wolves as equals. Then the explosions began. It was almost a good thing, it snapped us all out of our fear. Commanders got more control as everyone just wanted out of the battle. Retreat order was signaled after what felt like an hour, but probably only a few minutes. I was stuck in the middle of the formation and it was just insanity all around me as I tried to get to my company.”

    Everyone there was barely sitting on their seats, half raised and leaning towards him as he spoke.

    “I thought, as long as I could make it to my formation I would be fine. That this was already won. I think I may have been the first one to see them, wolves coming from the woods, but not like the ones there, These were in armor. I tried to call out but there was too much happening. I kept running and eventually got to my formation. Someone gave me a shield and a spear and I was in formation with the rest, we weren't supposed to engage, just to defend.”

    He took a sip of water and winced as he swallowed it.

    “The armored wolves charged from the woods, maybe five of them. They had swords and axes and were far more in control than the ones who had been Helians. The Valiant shifted attention and just like that we were fighting the newly changed wolves. It was easier than the first battle with them, they were wild and crazy and we could keep them mostly at bay with the spears. Cavalry horns blared and the Knights of the Setting Sun charged down the wolves, it took all of them and their retinue but they trampled one wolf under hoof and immediately engaged another with lances.”

    She sighed.

    “We thought perhaps that would be the end of it, then the explosions began again. I looked around for where it was coming from, it was the Valiant. One of them every time he attacked the earth trembled and uplifted. He was a man with no weapons fighting with only his fists and feet. He would punch and the very air would ripple from the force.”

    “Michael Fist of Heaven.” someone said and the whole gathering murmured, he was a well known Knight Valiant, one who had gained renown even as a squire.

    “Yes. The Fists of Heaven. We fought hard until the moon was slipping down behind the trees and only the just faint shine of the coming sun was coming across the other treeline. It had been all night, everyone was exhausted and all of the wolves were killed. There were not as many killed but many were wounded, mostly form the chaos of the battle and not the wolves.”

    He looked upward.

    “I remember looked at the Knights Valiant, they were covered in blood, the battlefield we had been on was craters and fire. They were a catastrophe, effective but they left a wasteland in their wake. I call them monsters, because they could have cared less if we were trapped in their fighting, they waged a war against the others was monsters fighting monsters, and we men were caught up in it all.”

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