IMW: A Knight's Honor

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    Iron Moon War: Subchapter 3: A Knight's Honor

    “Sivvy!” Millianna burst into the tent, David was sitting next to Sivian who was partially armored, with her husband helping her into the black and gold plates of her kit.

    “We need to move you-” She trailed off as Sivian groaned and got to standing. “-you, to the rear. The Valiants have already engaged the wolves in our midst, but one of my Profess...she is gifted with sight. She says there are more coming, in armor.”

    “Then we should be prepared to fight them.” David said, although his heart was not in the words. He agreed with Millianna, but he would not speak on it less stain his wife's honor as a knight.

    Sivian sighed, feeling the tension radiating off her two loves. “I cannot, and you both know it.” She held out her arm and David stood and continued to put her in her armor, as if that was the period of the conversation.

    “I cannot lose you here like this. They cannot lose you like this.”

    “Adam is a good leader, young, but strong. If I fall here, he will pick up what I could not carry.”

    It was rare for Sivian to praise her son, and David couldn’t help but smile at the words.

    “WHy are you so stubborn!” Millianna screamed the words and the crimson halo around her head flared in brightness and the candle light in the room mimicked it.

    “If I bent to any will but the Gods, would you love me as you do?”

    The words choked any retort Millianna had. She looked down, not able to even look at Sivian as David finished locking every toggle and strap in place. Sivian picked up her helm and put it on leaving the visor up.

    Sivian didn’t speak to either David or Millianna, and neither tried to stop her as she walked to the exit of the tent, her steps were a limp in the beginning but each step she took she straightened more and the movements smoothed out until she was moving as her old self at the flaps of the tent. She stepped outside, followed by MIllianna and David only to be confronted with her Squire, five knights and more than a two dozen soldiers. Battle raged not far away, flashes of light, explosions and roars signified the struggle of the Valiant against the newly shifted wolves.

    “Lady Vansen, we are here to escort you to the rearguard.” Her squire spoke up, she was a tall lean woman by Helian standards easily a head above the average height for a Helian. It had often led to questions of her heritage but she did not care. Her words left little room for debate.

    “Indeed. Our duty is to see you to the head of these monsters, and as such we need you to protect us all.” One of the knights spoke up. All of them knew this was the only way to give her an out, to allow her to step away from the battle with her honor in tact.

    Millianna wept, she was the only one there who could have done so at the gesture.

    Sivian had no words, there was nothing she could have said. She nodded her head and Her squire led the way followed by a small retinue.