Creating a Time to Work on the Candarion Games

  • Baron

    "Well, during MC chat, several of us were thinking of ways in order to streamline and make the building process of the Candarion games easier. How about we set aside time, let's say 3 months before the games begin, to start and work on the various games at the Candarion games site? The time span for the builds will last about 2 to 3 weeks as we work on updating the games. Moreover, other people would be able to join in and help contribute to the building process of the games as September is before the Holiday season rolls in. As @Tsal recalled, there was only a handful of people that actually built the games site during the building of the games, so this may help with streamlining our process. Thoughts?"

    This was taken from the discord.

  • Minister Duke

    I know that I would like to redo a good portion of the boat race, I would be fine with a summer thing as a good portion of us will have less obligations during that time

  • Baron

    Im in favour of setting aside some time in advance. If theres any work to be done come December then it will atleast give us a head start

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