Amend RTH rules

  • Baron

    Hey everyone, i've noticed something about the RTH rules for ftp, it says that a RTH can only have a maximum of one overland connection and two sea connections, which means that land points cant be chained together. I propose we change it to allow two land connections AND two sea connections. Plz discuss.

  • Viscount

    Or maybe we could just remove the limit on specific types of connections. For instance, what if a realm is landlocked, it doesn't seem reasonable to deprive them of half of their possible connections. We could just say you can have some maximum number of connections, and the type of route doesn't matter.

  • Baron

    three connections flat sounds good to me too

  • Count

    The original idea was to just get to the sea, and regional hubs were just a stop on a greater trade route...

    with that in mind, i'd be fine with 2 of 1, and 1 of the other.. .still keep the single trade route idea.. but they dont all HAVE to be shipping.. and we end up with some silk road style connections.

    One thing I will note, that currently, as Minister of Infrastructure, Aevirath does have power to overule if someone is getting blocked out. so if down the line, another person makes a landlocked ftp, they can still connect to the rth with an exsisting caravan. but changing to 2+1 for land/sea OR sea/land would probably be simpler.

  • Count

    also, change the bit so its 1 caravan of 4 carts PER connection, similar to how we require a boat for each water connection. idk if thats really specified in the doc currently or not, since we were assuming it would only be 1 connection if needed

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