Realm ranks and rewards

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    I want to restart this discussion, and eventually i'd like to write up my own proposal for it. This is just dealing with the realm side of it.

    Before i write up my own ideas, I want some ideas of what kind of rewards would be given for reaching certain realm ranks.

    The only current reward we have atm is fast travel points, as those are based off of total builds in a realm, but uses the current individual rank build requirements.

    So, ideas that have come up in the past that I liked:

    • Realm based end portal - this has been the most commonly agreed upon suggestion.

    Via Tywen in this thread from December 2018

    • Intrarealm FTP
      This is something that would allow warps within the realm. I think with very large realms this could be a huge quality of life improvement, such as warps from capital to a quarry, or a grinder or a stronghold. Maybe due to the nature of it you can have say 2 or 3 such connections when it is earned.

    I agree that this could be a really handy thing for larger realms if leaders want to employ it.

    • Special/Unique Items
      This is problematic as it is a tangible benefit but temporary, and due to the way the milestones are awarded your new vassals may never have the opportunity to get them because of joining a realm that is too old or too far along. I think the best way to handle this is to perhaps unlock the "perfect tools or whatever" as a staring chest. As in you join the realm that has unlocked this and you start the game with those items. That way it sort of shows that the realm is established enough to supply such high end materials to their citizenry. Not sure how they would be awarded or if that is too much work for the admin staff or not.

    I think this is a cool way to encourage getting more people working together in fewer realms, which was a point made in the discussions conversation today. The only thing I worry about, is unfair advantages for realms already built up like Helios, Obrexia and Ornthas, and that causing new players to always choose those realms. BUT, I already offer a full set of armor/tools/way too much stuff to my vassals cuz i have no life and farm like crazy. Also of note is Tywen barely ever offers to people, I've reduced, and Bryson has also expressed a wish to reduce the number of offers. So that advantage might not be as big of a deal in the long run, but its worth noting.

    • Spawner
      This was something that was first on the mind, earning spawners that can be placed anywhere in custom grinders is a HUGE benefit and I think is something that could be very useful and worthwhile as a realm reward.

    I also think this is a great idea... we can adjust the kind of spawners at different levels.. so for example, you earn one at viscount... but its only a skelly zombie or cave spider... nothing outside survival, but you can have it in a preferred location. you dont have to cross your realm for the skelly grinder... instead its right under the capital.

    At Count, then you get a second one, and it can be any of the above, or a passive spawn... set up a cow spawner and now you dont have to actively breed them, you can just cull the herd and more spawn.. or a horse spawner... and you can just get on, check the stats, and keep or kill it... and let more passively spawn. (horse spawning in plains is really bad after initial chunk load)

    at duke level.. maybe allow blaze farms in the overworld, or creeper so you dont have to have 0 people on for memos creeper farm... etc.

    at king, prince, emperor, even rarer stuff.. ghast and (if its possible) witherskeleton spawners... a real reason to band together and get a realm truly massive..

    So those are my ideas for rewards... give thoughts on them as well as any other ideas... once its done, i'd like to try and set up a system that uses pretty much the same build numbers and stuff from the individual ranks, but these apply to everything in the realm. after that, i'll open it up for discussions again for implementing things like wonders. I still don't like the idea of wonders, but if everyone else wants them i'll just deal with it. I just kinda want to take this step by step and assemble as we discuss different points of it.

    now time to post and see how long this got....

  • Minister Duke

    I still want the block rewards that are in the current two-lane system, that I am working on splitting up into multiple different things.

    Generally, I would be ok with the intrarealm stuff, but I think that should be under realm ranks, as that is something everyone in the realm works on. This is something that is already in the realm side of the two-lane system.

    I am not necessarily opposed to spawners, but we are getting way outside of survival to just have those. And I know I will not be the only one to say that. I don't know whether or not I want passive mob spawners, especially for something like horses, as that just guarantees perfect horses when you have infinite horses spawning.

    Unique Items should be a capstone, as was proposed in the two-lane system, they should be the end goal, a commemorative but still useful item because they can be so powerful. I would be against the straight-up unlocking of perfect tools for new vassals, that is heavily deviating from survival in that we are just spawning in game-changing items at that point.

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    The rewards in the 2 lane document are everything I wanted tbh. They seemed generous as it is.

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    By block rewards, you mean the like dub of material after ranking up? I'm not opposed to that, although since thats on the individual side its not as relevant to this topic. There should be a definitive list of prohibited items though. I don't think someone should be able to claim a dub of diamond blocks cuz they want to use it for flooring.. even though diamond blocks are used on creative servers as a building block occasionally.. I'm sure there are other blocks.. but we can talk about that in another thread.

    Spawners can be cut off wherever the community says so... I think the naturally occurring ones like skeleton, zombie and cave spider Do have merit... all we are doing is placing one in a more convenient location. Anything past that depends on community thoughts... but i just wanted to show where it could go...

    On the unique items thing... considering Bryson gave out a perfect pick to everyone on the server.. and it takes like 30 minutes to make a perfect tool with the villager halls... i don't think its deviating from survival... If everyone who joins X realm gets a single tool, i dont think we are breaking everything.

    If we use baron-emperor for the realm ranks.. thats 7 ranks.. 7 minimum rewards to fill out... its likely only one of those will be the perfect tool, and likely not the beginning one.. not a huge deal in the grand scheme.

    so spitballing here:
    baron - regional ftp?
    viscount- perfect tool, international ftp
    Count - End Portal
    Duke - spawner (basic), 2nd ftp, intrarealm ftp?
    Prince - spawner (passive mobs?) 3rd ftp,
    King - 4th ftp, perfect set of armor?
    Emperor - 800 plus builds.. this realm is massive... spawner (for any egg) and maybe a unbreaking 5 perfect tool or something similar to the prizes that were given out at the candarion games.. but the server will be nuked before anyone actually gets over 800 builds... unless tywen decides he wants us to call him emperor.. he could probably do it...

    just a loose form it could take just based on my initial ideas.. but i'm interested to see which ones need to be cut and what new ideas will be added as people reply...

    Note: the 2nd 3rd and 4th ftp from above are what is currently law

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    isnt the 2 lane system just an end portal and a shit ton of fast travel locations?

  • Baron

    And notably/most important me - founding additional full fledged realms.

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    The founding full fledged realms is on the personal side... which is not what is being discussed here..

  • Baron

    In that case I'll add to this discussion that I prefer the current system of special requirements for RTH and ITH. Giving it out as a rank reward would... cheapen it? I just completed mine and it was nice having a "mini-goal" to work towards. Gave me a direction to build in rather than raw numbers.

    --- Edit

    That being said, i dont mind the RTH and ITH and Intra-Realm travel points to be locked behind rank In-edition to the normal requirements.

    Perfect tools seem superfluous but I wont say no to it.

    Spawners being able to be moved around the realm from their natural spawn locations sounds sweet.

    Getting a passive mob spawner is a juicy reward, but I can already see the problems the server would have.

  • Viscount

    I'm not some sort of only survival activist, as we are way beyond survival as is. I think everything you mentioned is convenient and useful, while still keeping us in the survival feeling of gathering most of our resources and not having creative flight. It definitely serves as a great incentive.

    While we are on the topic of realm benefits--- this would all be relative to builds. I feel like we have no meaningful purpose to write lore, or especially get in depth. I mean, I do it anyway, but generally speaking. We have the unwritten rule of "you need to write lore to ascend, and the amount of lore goes up with ascension." I understand it is hard to measure what constitutes as a certain amount of lore, but perhaps some sort of system as well to give incentive and reward to those who write a lot of lore?

    Perhaps break it into specific infrastructural things, standard "ideas" of lore. Military, economics, locations, monuments, magic, stories, geography, politics, culture of all sorts--- etc.

    We could elaborate on those for levels of completion, though that could be complicated... definitely I'm not afraid of working on, though. Rewards would be for the realm, and not for the individual. I am not sure what those rewards would be at the moment. I would simply like to see rewards not be entirely build exclusive, as lore writing seems rather unrewarding at the moment.

  • Baron


    We have a system for deciding if someone has enough Lore. It's the vetting and veto/vote No majority system.

    Aldemeria tried something like what you're suggesting and in my opinion it didn't work out too well, and that was far far less oversight than "categories" and other stuff like that. Quality lore will be written by those who want to write quality lore. If they dont, it's up to public to block ascension.

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    Something to kinda keep in mind with rewards is that Minecraft wasnt made to facilitate what we are trying to make it do. Its not a framework for an MMO-like progression system with balanced and scaled rewards dished out at intervals. So, to me, we are going to have to kinda curb our expectations of rewards a lot because vanilla MC doesnt offer us much in the first place.

    That being said; I like intra-realm travel and a realm End portal, I think it'd fit nicely in the Realm Rank section of the two-lanes. Unique items are something we can actually do with MC so I think its a legit avenue to go down, we just need to be mindful of what we are making I think. Spawners I dont really have an opinion on? I wouldnt want to cheapen anything, but I will let others with stronger opinions lead that discussion.

  • Minister Duke

    @Alric I think that further discussion should go here as this defines Realm Ranks, their requirements, as well as the benefits for earning them. These should be something communally worked towards, and need different names that are found in the second lane of the two-lane system, outlined in the link above.

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    As i said in my intiial post.. i just want feedback on what rewards people want, then i'm going to write up my own ideas on a system to compare to yours.

    Its the same thing we did with the original rank numbers. The fishlord and I both came up with a proposed system and people were able to compare the two. Rather than everyone just voting on 1 system cuz only 1 person took the time to make it.

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