Adding in a Second Lane for Progression, Realm Rank

  • Minister Duke

    Here is the currently proposed second progression lane, complete with requirements for that rank and some benefits of having achieved these ranks. I am nowhere near the expert on what people are building at, but under current build numbers, this would seem not to disrupt our current fast travel network, at least not too badly.

    alt text


    RC - Regional Connection. The number of connections that one could have from a hub.

    IC - International Connection. The number of connections that one could have to go internationally, from your hub.

    WRC - Within Realm Connections. These would go from the transport hub to other places within the realm, but these locations would only connect to other WRC or the main hub of the realm.

    Industries - This identifier outlines the means of production (physical good) that any given settlement outputs. Coal, lumber, wool, wheat, fish, iron, opium, androgyny, etc. Industries are what brings economical value from the individual settlement to the realm as a whole, ideally bringing in growth, wealth and prosperity. Industries would require to have some sort of build to accompany them.

    Wonders - This identifier outlines megalithic and truly unique builds that are culturally significant to the realm they are built in. The Cathedral of The Sun and Moon (Aevantyr), The Tree of Omar (Helios), Fort Steinskjold (Linirea) are all examples of Wonders. Wonders would, ideally, have lore posts posted in tandem with the build. For further examples, look to the civilization games where there are things like statues, lighthouses, and libraries that are very culturally significant.

    This is to discuss what changes should be made to this tract, as well as possible rewards, as this does change the current fast travel system a great amount.

    Realm Progression - This lane of progression is for the realm as a sovereign entity. This lane is represented by nine levels of 'influence'. The realm rank is advanced by total amount of builds, industries and its unique builds known as 'Wonders' that reside within the realm's official borders. Requirements, as outlined above, are both build and wonder requirements for each rank progression. Each rank has a benefit that is acquired upon advancement to said rank.

  • Baron

    I like the idea of 2 Lane Progression that separates Realm Rank from Personal Rank. It encourages co-builds and allows Vassals to contribute to their realm but also keep their own work.

  • Viscount

    @bryson3842 not sure if this was ever discussed-- how would we handle realm ascension? Would it be similar/ the same to player ascension ?

  • Minister Duke

    @Darius i would say yes, with realms applying for whatever rank they meet the criteria for first

  • Baron

    As the maker of the system I am obviously in favor of it. It gives us the benefits of the old Aldemerian system while being able to get the benefits of our current system.

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