Adding Benefits to Personal Progression

  • Minister Duke

    This is only to discuss adding benefits to the ranks as follows, and to talk about the benefits that each rank should receive. This is not to discuss the requirements for any ranks, only the rewards.

    alt text

  • Count

    I prefer our current npc system rather than scrapping it for multiple realms.
    This removes the ability for viscounts to cofound a realm, and sets limits. And how do we handle the current npc realms with the new system?

    I'd also like a specific list of what is not allowed as building blocks.

    I think there are a ton of blocks that shouldn't just be given out. And the ones that i'm ok with giving out... make the reward almost worthless. It's really just dirt, wood and stone products, and bricks/terracotta that are common/ renewable enough for me to be ok giving out. Collecting resources is one of the most "survival" things we still have. Even though rank advancements are rare, I still don't like just admin spawning in material like that.

  • Minister Duke

    My own idea for this is that it would not be something like diamond blocks, or bedrock, but things like wood, sand, dirt, what have you. I would say to leave this to admin discretion. I personally would like to use it for TnT to create the underdark in my realm, but I can see that that might be a problem, and I would be open to anyone that wants to come and watch me use it for that specific purpose.

    As alric posted as I was writing this, more people seem to have a problem with the current system than a system where you can found multiple realms, and you were proposing spawners of some kind as a reward which give infinite items, not a finite amount that this provides.

  • Minister Duke

    @Alric I would personally say it shouldn't usually be a derivative block, but rather a full building block that could be found in the world, with the exception of things like bricks, and in my specific case TNT as I need an absolute load of it to work on the underdark in my realm.

  • Count

    i would be against giving out chests of tnt.. .we have a creeper farm, we have places where you can get tons of sand.. and we have players to trade with..

  • Baron

    I prefer this system to the current NPC realm system. Co-founding an NPC realm has shown to be more of a shortcut than anything that adds any depth to the realm. And co-founding realms and having NPC realms doesn't seem to work quite right in the 2 Lane system of Realm Rank and Personal Rank

    As for what could happen to the current 2 (3) NPC realms, maybe they could be treated as shared co-built areas like Spawn. Or maybe we need a new categorie for community realms. This could work since currently the only 2 to have any builds were made for utility anyway.

  • Count

    " only 2 to have any builds were made for utility anyway."

    @Tioteche you realize Anemos is the largest of the 3 npc realms... with over 25 builds...

    As to shared-cobuilt areas like spawn.. .this would be a good opportunity to write in some legal stuff for giving realms "in trust" to the lore ministry for management. This can include spawn, the ftp realms, as well as realms that have been abandoned but still have builds there.

  • Baron

    We can always keep the current NPC/Co-build system, have infra and lore 'own' the realm, while the individual builds count for personal rank. Then we add the multiple realm layer for people who want to own more than one realm. We dont have to replace one with the other, unless I am missing something lol

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