Adding A Probation Period for Baron Rank

  • Minister Duke

    This was floated many times and seemed to have gain general approval, but since everything is being separated out, this is the discussion for adding what is currently in the two-lane document, a 45 day probation period before one can apply for the rank of Baron, as well as having to meet the other requirements.

  • Baron

    I like the idea of a minimum time in game for getting the noble rank. Im unsure if 45 days is the right number however. Its roughly 6 weeks which lines up nicely with the time others have taken at the fastest extreme in the past so I guess its not a bad starting point.

  • Count

    I'd support an official time, and personally, I think it could be a little longer... maybe 60 days... 2 months total.

    I know people have done it in 6 weeks, but that still seems a little too fast in hindsight

  • Prince

    Yeah I think 60 days is a more appropriate time frame.

  • Baron

    I think 45 days is fine enough, just the verbiage of '60 days' might be an instant off-put. I would actually probably argue 30 days is more desirable, but 45 ends up being right around the time that people make it to that rank if they are focused.

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