Changing Viscount Requirements

  • Minister Duke

    Specifically, this would add 10 builds to the build requirements for Viscount to even out the progression. The current difference between what is currently Knight and Baron is 20 builds. The difference between Baron and Viscount is 20 Builds. The difference between Viscount and Count is 65 builds. The difference between Count and Duke is 60 builds. This does not make sense to me and I would like to see the total build number for Viscount be 65, with additional builds column rising to 40 to make up for the addition in the total. This would change no other aspect besides these two numbers.

  • Baron

    On the face of it I see no problem with this . Outside of reducing Count requirements, this is the only way to even it up

  • Baron

    I dont see the need for an equal/gradual progression. The current system's build counts are working fine. So it's easier to get from Baron > Viscount and harder to get from Viscount > Count, what's the problem here? We have little enough people becoming Viscounts as it is, let alone Counts.

  • Minister Duke

    @Tioteche It is harder to get from viscount to count than from count to duke is my main problem

  • Count

    I see no need to change it and make it harder when only 4 people have gotten the rank.

  • Viscount

    This just feels OCD to me. Not everything needs to be the same, or incremental. It is the way it is and isn't creating any problems.

  • Baron

    I see no issue with this - people will argue 'What is 10 builds? What does that even mean?' but that argument flows equally both ways. Even pacing is a fine enough reason to bump some numbers up or others down.

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