Mimo for Infrastructure Minister

  • Baron

    I will be running for Infrastructure Minister for this upcoming term.

    My goals as minister include providing easy to understand, straight-forward infrastructure guidelines that ensure that all public areas are safe for players while still allowing for creative freedom with their build techniques. I will make sure that the appropriate world maps are kept up-to-date and in a uniform look to aid in use. Most of all I want to be very fair with players when it comes to infrastructure issues so that the solutions presented afford the player the most amount of creative freedom possible.

  • Count

    How much do you plan to focus on public grinders or farms? (Iron/gold/wither/etc)

    Have you given any thought into requirements for fast travel or additional things like earning an end portal in your realm. These will likely end up as a legal discussion, but I would expect the infrastructure minister to play a big role in these discussions.

  • Baron

    I hope to see an iron farm built relatively quickly, preferably located somewhere that is central enough for people without fast-travel (all of us right now) to access in a timely manner. As for a gold farm, I see that also being built rather fast as it's a new type of farm and could prove as a near replacement for an iron farm (assuming the primary use of iron from the farm is for beacons). Touching on the wither farm, I don't see that one being built for a while- at least not complete. Having personally built the previous one, I know how much work it takes to make one. That particular farm I would like to see it be done as a community build, similar to the nether-line Sundays.

    I won't comment on the FTP requirements or end-portals in each realm as those topics are really something that must be decided on by the community and not by a single person. Though I would like to see fewer requirements for custom end-portals in realms as they stop naturally spawning a given distance from the world spawn.

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