IMW: Chapter 4: A Wolves Winter

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    Iron Moon War: Chapter 4: A Wolves Winter

    A purely defensive force had been kept in their respective theaters, small by the standards of the armies that had been present before. But the downside of the forces was necessary as trying to supply such large forces in what was expected to be a harsh winter would have been even worse.

    The winter arrived in true Vansen fashion, driving rain that came with high winds. The storms were pushed in by a near heat wave but it changed practically overnight with a wall of cold air that turned the fat rain into thick snow. It had been decades since Vansen had seen as deep a winter.

    The Northern and Southern camps were nearly buried, bulwarks that had been erected to keep an attack at bay were completely covered. Commanders ordered their troops to pile the snow high where the old bulwarks were, they used the snow as a natural defence. Supply lines between the two camps and Omari’s Respite were initially completely closed, but Heavy Draft Horses from Worden arrived and were able to trample the heavy snow down into a passable road.

    The Southern Camp was the only one to see combat during the winter, three wolves attacked them over the course of three nights, but were repelled by Sir Valiant Michael The Fists of Heaven. His efforts though in the final night reduced the bridge crossing to rubble. Those on the western banks were relocated over the frozen river. Efforts to rebuild the bridge will have to be done in the spring when the snow and ice melt.

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