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    A disease has begun to infect the many realms of Candarion. Arcos was the first major realm to be impacted, though no one knows the true source of the plague. The ancient island realm has enacted a total quarantine: no ships in, or out. This measure may prove to be too little too late. Ships with infected sailors may still sail the oceans of Candarion.

    The disease's symptoms are minor: fever, runny nose, sore throat. Healthy people who are unaware may believe they have the flu. However, the disease proves to be quite deadly to the elderly and those already sick. It is incredibly infectious as well.

    Some notes for people writing this prompt. Keep in mind that the setting of the server is set in medieval times. They did not have germ theory, or as advanced notions of public health and sanitation. I suggest looking to historical examples of disease outbreaks for reference.

    Thank you Deputy Kalo for writing this prompt up, capitalizing on the ample inspiration currently being provided us by mother nature.

    Approx event dates: Leaf's Change 32 SC -> Last Frost 32 SC

    Contest end date: March 25, 2020 at midnight US Central time (give or take)

    Prizes as follows:
    1st place: 2x perfect tool or armor piece or some such
    2nd and 3rd: 1x perfect tool
    All participants: Plague vaccination cookie

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    @Aron Oh god oh fuck I thought we were safe ;n;

  • Submission: "Just a cold"
    Description: Atoria Hold closes itself off as a plague approaches.
    Word Count: 313


  • Viscount

    My submission, Sweaty Palms in Ascya

    A short story detailing the spread of a sickness from Myralian sailormen to the island of New Ascya.


  • Baron

    I don't have a proper place on the forums for this yet, but here's my submission: The Path to the Barrows.

    Word count: 341

    The leaves had changed, the harvest brought in, and a procession marched to the barrows where a father would bury his son. Lord Heren Barrist walked slowly at the head of the line, followed by a dozen of his loyal Bannerguard. Six of the Bannerguard bore the litter of Elric Barrist, the golden son of Barristhal. He was clad for one last battle, the morning sun casting a dim orange glow off the scales of his armor. A cloth covered his face, hiding away the damage done by his Orcish foe. Behind the litter walked the young Vargil Barrist, the lord’s last remaining son. He carried with him the mangled shield and shattered lance of his fallen brother, for they were to be the tribute paid to the god Dhunas to pass into his Hall.

    A crowd had gathered near the gate to pay their respects. For all souls lost to the orcs in the Black Summer, this one would be missed the most. Few warriors brought before Dhunas had fought so well as he. They were nearly silent, save for a few muffled sneezes. Some wiped tears from their eyes, while others mopped their brows. It seemed the summer’s heat had not left them. As Lord Barrist passed beneath the arch of the gate, he stumbled and fell to one knee. The crowd let out a collective gasp as Vargil rushed to his side, leaving his brother’s tribute to clatter to the ground. Vargil lifted his father’s helm and saw his pale face drenched in sweat.

    “It’s nothing, my son.” Lord Barrist grasped Vargil’s shoulder and dragged himself to his feet, “Best not to keep Dhunas waiting. Perhaps you should stay by my side.”

    Vargil took his father’s arm in his and led the procession through the gate. He could feel the weight of his father as Heren leaned on him, the once strong lord now seemed so feeble. Perhaps it was grief that crippled him so, Vargil hoped. Beyond his hope, a fear was growing that knew the truth.

  • Minister Duke

    The New Plague
    Wordcount: ~260 Words, I know I usually go way over, but I just wanted a small something this time.

  • Esquire

    @Aron Here's my submission. I know I'm a day late but be merciful 🙏
    Title: A Record of the Plague in Nystimir
    Link: https://forums.candarion.com/topic/843/a-record-of-the-plague-in-nystimir
    Word count: 607 words

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    Did this ever have winners announced?

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