Erastil Aevirath for Minister of Lore

  • Baron

    I will be running for minister of lore for this term

  • Baron

    Update with my platform:

    My focuses as lore minister will be as follows;

    consistent lore prompts designed to flesh out peoples realms

    World-wide and regional lore events to foster collective world building

    making sure restrictions are public and easy to find, as well as only implementing lore restrictions that are necessary.

    re-instituting realm highlights

    lore competitions and lore prompts for prizes


    I've been a part of this community in its various incarnations for 5+ years at this point
    I have good ideas and am nice
    Im the fishlord
    I believe in me and you should too

  • Duke

    How will you handle world-wide and regional lore events where a realm within may not want to participate or acknowledge the event?

    In the past realm highlight prompts did not feel very directed, how will you make the highlights more story driven rather than just a glorified Q&A?

  • Baron

    My goal would be to work with every possibly affected realm to determine the level of involvement and effect each event would have.

    I think a good way to handle the highlight prompts in addition the Q&A would be to have the original post contain some kind of story or depiction of typical life in that realm.

  • Duke

    What roll if any will your Deputy Minister(s) of Lore serve for you.

    If you were required to have a deputy what responsibilities would you delegate to them?

  • Baron

    i believe that the role of deputies for me would be to collaborate with on events, competitions, and highlights; help administer said events, competitions and highlights.

    basically I would be treating it as a team rather than assigning only specific responsibilities to individuals

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