• Baron

    Mouthpiece had a dream last night. The deatils of the dream were immediately forgotten wgen he woke up, but he could still feel the many emotions tied to it. There was a woman and a young boy, both of whom he felt warm towards. Still, he felt a twinge of sadness and yearning thinking about them. It's easily been years, perhaps decades since Mouthpiece last dreamt. Something about the pheromones blocked them out, he figured.

    With that, news from agents in Salina made its way to Genesis. There was a foreign ship, specifically a trimaran, in the harbor, and nobody could quite discern where they had come from. They spoke some language unrecognized by the Salinians, so nobody could understand what they were saying. They said "Sa'ardath" many times, but of course this means nothing. Perhaps the Queen will have interest in them, Mouth thought and went to get his gear. Leaving Genesis, he still couldn't stop thinking about the dream he had woken up from. Does the Queen have dreams? Do any of the myrmidons? Perhaps they're only for humans and humanoids like himself, he thought. How peculiar...

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