Origin of Anaetyr

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    Founding (The Time of Legends)
    Anaetyne legend says that in the distant past, there were two groups of elves who were constantly at war. The Aevtyne, (Sun Elves) and Antyne (Moon Elves). The Sun elves lived on the west peninsula, where modern day Anaetyr is located, and the Moon Elves lived across the Sea of Mist, in the ancient spruce forest that was then known as Elat'mun.

    These two sister tribes had been in conflict as long as any could remember. All that changed however, when Kynarcus Aevirath was born. Son of a Antyne father and Aevtyne mother, he was an outcast amongst the sun elves where he grew up. That changed however, when he encountered a scouting party from the Arcosian Empire, who were investigating the Aevtyne homeland to plan for an invasion. Kynarcus returned to his people and informed them of what he found. As the Aevtyne began mobilizing for war, Kynarcus came up with a plan.

    Kynarcus told the Aerkon of Aevtyr, that they must ally themselves with the Antyne to stay free of the Arcosian Empire. The Aerkon laughed at Kynarcus, and called him a traitor for even suggesting that. Stories differ on what exactly happened next, but they all agree that it ended with Kynarcus and the Aerkon in a duel. Kynarcus Aevirath defeated the Aerkon, and became the new Aerkon of the Aevtyne.

    Now as the leader of the Sun Elves, he sailed across the sea to meet with the Antyne. Their leader agreed to join with the Aevtyne to fend off the Arcosians as long as Kynarcus married a Moon Elf.

    The Arcosians came, expecting to find a land of Sun Elves weakened by constant war with their Moon Elf kin, only to find a united force of Sun and Moon elves marching under a new banner, that of Aevantyr.

    The war lasted nearly a decade, until the Arcosians decided this invasion was costing more than they would gain from control of the elves, so they retreated, and the land lapsed into a relative peace.

    Time went on, Kynarcus' descendants ruled over the new nation of Aevantyr, and the old rivalry between the two elven races slowly dissapeared. Over time, intermarriage made the two races into one, now known as Anaetyne (High Elves). There were no wars that Aevantyr became involved in, though the border with the Arcosian Empire was always tense.

    The Nur M'hada
    The peace and prosperity was not to last. A great comet appeared over Candarion, and scholars argued and bickered about what it meant. Now it is clear, it signaled the end of an age, for as the comet reached it's zenith, the Arcosian Empire collapsed, as did Aevantyr.

    No one knows what caused the Arcosian Empire to collapse for certain, but all the stories agree on what happened to Aevantyr. A great magical eruption, in the Temple of Nuran, God of Death, decimated the Aevantyne population in the east. The old spruce trees, once full of life, became withered, and nearly all the elves in Elat'mun died from the magical fallout. They did not stay dead.

    Zombies, Skeletons, Ghosts, Wights, and more horrific undead creatures rose from the elven bodies, and the land became inhospitable to mortal life.

    The survivors fled to the west of the Sea of Mists, but this influx of refugees and the collapse of both Aevantyr and the Empire led the surviving Anaetyne to descend into warring factions. They fought amongst themselves, as the undead from the east began to come across the sea to hunt the rest of the elves

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