Ántouist Magic, and The Order of the Ring

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    It is a well-known fact that Ántouist monks have access to prophetic magic, in which they meditate to touch the mind of Ántou himself and, in doing so, glean encoded knowledge of the future. But a lesser-known fact is that, long ago, the monks also had access to far more powerful magic -- magic that has long since been forgotten.

    The practitioners of this magic were called Le Confrérie de L'anneau, the Order of the Ring, named for the circular symbol of the Ántouist Church. The Order resided in a temple in the Déchirét Mountains and secretly practiced magic and martial arts, venturing to the common lands only when called on by the Church.

    The Order was formed untold thousands of years ago by Sant Laurent to aid in his battle against the forces of darkness. Sant Laurent taught a select group of monks to draw on the power of Ántou directly, a technique which enabled them to control this new type of magic. While it is unknown exactly what capabilities this magic allowed, it is clear that it gave the Order an incredible advantage of its foes in battle. Scholars of scripture speculate that the monks were capable of controlling air pressure, bending sunlight, and even creating phantom forces that spanned entire battlefields. And of course, the monks' proficiency in martial arts made them formidable opponents even without magic.

    The Order's final mention in the Sacresante is during The Night of Whispers. During this crisis, the Order was called upon to cleanse Dántaine of those afflicted by Sa Touche. Their campaign resulted in a pyrrhic victory: they had singlehandedly killed nearly 40% of the Dántaine population. Most of the monks in the Order committed suicide shortly afterward; those that remained were driven mad by their actions. The Order was never reformed and, since then, the knowledge of the ancient magic has been lost to memory.