Soren's Notes #15

  • Baron

    Since my last entry, I've detained and and put several of the beasts to death so I may dissect them. I still know nothing of the insidious bug-juice. It vexes me to no end, having made no real progress. I need more myrmidons, more time, and a place away from the prying eyes of veteran barbers who insist on supervising my experiments. Advisers and fellow barbers alike have expressed concern over my "obsession" with the myrmidons. They claim I neglect the city in my pursuit when I am doing the opposite. Everything I do, I do it for the good and glory of my precious Secunda.

    The basement of my home is rather spacious, only being used for storage and the occasional gathering. I've employed some of my help to wall off the basement beyond the basement's entrance. The wall was built and I put up decorations to prevent any suspicion. One of these was a large world map with a marker over Aiolia, a button for a secret door behind it. Only one of my servants helped to install the door, as per my instruction, and so I made him disappear. Nobody can know of the laboratory down there, so I did what I had to. I always do what I have to, it's all necessary to the continued prosperity of Secunda.

    I installed an operation table and a basic study in my secret room. I examined yet another sample of bug-juice and a myrmidon cadaver, only to learn nothing. Nothing again. I remember it clearly. Frustration boiled my blood and coursed through my body until it reached my fingertips, and with a shaking hands I wrote an invitation. The barber's guild's officials were all invited for a drink and a meal in my basement, the non-hidden portion. And so they came, except I dosed one of their drinks with bug-juice. His name was Enoch, if I remember correctly. I still feel sorrow for him now. He took a sip, his eyes widened, and he downed the whole drink. Soon he was shaking and delirious, yelling at his fellow barbers and muttering about "the Qqueen". I suggested that he may have taken bug juice recently, but that set him into a rage which had him assaulting me. Luckily, the encounter resolved in my favor and he was soon dead on my floor.

    The witnesses in the room agreed it was in self-defence and we all agreed to not talk about it outside of the room. I sent them all home and I brought his body into the secret room, nothing. It's always nothing. I fell asleep on my study chair, awoken by the sounds of help calling for me. I emerged from my hidden laboratory and a servant handed me a letter. I was banished from the guild of barbers. Everything I had worked towards before my governance was gone. All that remains is me and my mission to end the bug-juice threat. Glory to Secunda.

    -Soren Crucillas III