Helian Arrival

  • Duke

    The Helian ship slipped up in the evening, although waited until day break to sail the rest of the way into the port city of Valican. The Helian ship was broad with a huge sweeping forward that was split in the middle that made it look like the strung arms of a bow. The yellow and white sails of the ship were quickly undone and stored by the busy crew the minute the ship docked. It was fortuitous that little real verbal communication was needed at a dock, most knew well enough their jobs and could do it as somewhat of a dance. The black, sun laden, flags of the Helian's whipped in the gentle breeze, the sun iconography was all over the vessel, carved here and there even on the exterior hull of the ship. If anyone could read Helian the name was set in gold on the side of the ship, The Lovers Knife

    The ship was a part trade, two part diplomacy. The complement of the ship was fairly similar to other Helian diplomatic ships, although it did have the attention of the Knight Valiant who pressed onto the ship not just a squire but two knights.

    Lord Sir Ozrick Letanir the Hedge Axe
    Priestess Amelia of Hyperion
    Scholar Dedrick
    Dame Valiant Fiona Glory, Light of the New Age
    Sir Valiant Damien Glory, The Overgrown
    Squire Valiant Alexis of Worden

    This compliment was attended by the support staff for all and the men at arms for Lord Letanir.

    The first off the ship was The Scholar Dedrick who was a tall thin man in deep blue robes whose hem had turned a faded gradient black from use over time. He was middle aged with some lines around his mouth, but his eyes were covered by a thick blue band of fabric with a golden single eye embroidered on the center. He was Tarun, and as such did not need to see with his eyes at all and even though he appeared to all to be a blind man he moved as deftly as the sighted.

    “Who is your leader.” He said slowly in a trade tongue he had picked up along the way during the trip, but it fell on ears that could not understand it. As far as he could see they did not share any commonality to the trade tongue he had gleaned. The dock worker looked a little nervous before he started to slowly back away. Five armored men at arms escorted Lord Letanir from the ship, they were armored and dressed the same, and given the nature of Helians to be very similar in height one might have assumed them to be clones of each other. The dock worker turned and ran off.

    “Scholar, is that man fleeing from us running to get his Master?” Ozerick said.

    “I think so M’lord.” The Scholar said.

    It wasn’t long until a single town guard appeared, his halberd seen before he was. He was joined by a portly dock master, who looked pudgy but it only slightly hid the muscle beneath. It was easy to see a dock master, they had an air of confidence that they controlled everything on the docks, they were untouchable gods on the timbers and stones. But this man's resolve shook when he saw the foreigners standing on his docks, armored and menacing even if they didn’t mean to.

    The Dockmaster put his hands on his hips, his elbows akimbo as he straightened his back although he was easily a few inches shorter than the arrived Helians. “What is your business here foreigners?”

    Every one of the Helian’s looked confused.

    “Speak to him, Scholar.” Ozerick said. The Helian tongue was deep with harsh consonants and lots of long vowels.
    The Scholar took a deep breath in and raised a hand to his brow and then let it lower very deliberately. Around his wrist appeared hard light glyphs and circles in blue energy. He raised his hand to his bow again and the glyphs and sigils appeared above his head in a circular halo that spin painfully slow.

    The Dockmaster took a step back, the guard took a step forward, but he never got into any meaningful range.

    “We wish to speak with whoever is in charge.” The Scholar said, the regional accent, the pronunciation was perfect. To the dockmaster he could have been talking to someone from his hometown. “We have come from the land of Helios, on a mission of diplomacy. I can translate for a while. This is my patron, Lord Sir Ozerick Letanir. “

    The Dock Master was at a loss for word as the blindfolded man spoke with such a perfect accent, and after such a simple yet potent display of magic. He didn’t realize it but he was gripping his hips with a white knuckled nervousness.

    “Um-uh. Helios. I have heard, although only a little. I am Dock Master Rodriges, as close to in charge as you are going to get right here.” He cleared his throat and took his hands from his hips. “Welcome to Valican, Calledonia. If you have trade you can do it through me, otherwise, don’t cause any trouble.”

    The scholar spoke to his lord and relayed the words to him in the Helian language. He didn’t bother turning his head to speak, and they spoke back and forth for perhaps too long before the scholar returned to addressing the DOck Master. “My lord agreeds to the terms, can you suggest lodging. At least enough for 12 people.”

    “I think we can find someplace for you in town. Um, there is a fee for the port.”

    The scholar smiled. “I am sure there is. Let us speak on it and the inn, and we can perhaps come to a fair agreement of trade.” He stepped forward to the Dock master and they spoke back and forth a bit about gold and silver and exchange.

    Lord Letanir took the cue and ordered his men back to the boat to spread the word they would be bedding in the town.

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