Emergency Vote: Ratify Charter 2.0

  • Baron

    As i mentioned in discord in a couple of places the past day or two, i went through and added all the new laws that were passed into the charter. This necissitated rewrites of several sections because of certain implications and changes that were made, and this was the simplest and most direct way to deal with those.

    enclosed is the view link to the new charter,


    we went over this in minister chat to make sure we got everything put in there.

    one of the major changes that was implied was the removal of the concept of npc realms, transitioning us to multiple player realms at certain ranks. To this end, this law will also do a few things regarding previous NPC realms. Isara will go to Tywen as his second realm, and Torgas will go to Bryson. Gintaras and Anemos are both going to be under the purview of the Lore Ministry until someone successfully claims them as detailed in the land claims and relinquished realms sections of the Charter.

    Other than that, this version includes all the new laws/amendments that were passed last voting period, as well as relevant changes to language in the charter

    Please review and vote here. If/when this vote reaches a super majority of the votes of active players (effectively everyone who voted on the last set of laws) it will go into effect immediately, otherwise it will end in 1 weeks time and be tallied like normal. Thank you, and have a fishlord blessed day.

  • Baron

    As minister of infrastructure, i approve this emergency vote

  • Baron

    Lore Ministry Approved

  • Baron

    The Applications Ministry Approves

  • Baron


    But you personally do not?

  • Baron

    The above approvals are for the vote to proceed, not for the content of the vote.

  • Baron

    this has now reached 16/24 active votes and is therefore in effect

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