Demiphius, Part 2. The Yellow Eyes

  • Viscount

    1. The Yellow Eyes

    Her shadow crept under the threshold of the door, as the floorboards beyond the room creaked. She waited, her shadow veered to the left, slightly, before shifting to the right. An exasperated sigh, followed by tapping shoes. The door embraced a light knock, before a startling pound.


    “Yes!” A young Demiphius, aged twelve, exclaimed. In his room, a desk and a bed. Two shelves on either end, his danka resting upon a short table. Two books sat upon his desk, sprawled open among a mess of papers and spilt ink. Demiphius stood beside a dresser, buttoning his shirt in the corner of the room. “Yes ma’am, I am coming!” The final button broke as he attempted to connect the two ends of his attire. Startled, he lightly squealed before taking a knee. His button, nowhere to be found. Desperate, he frantically searched the floorboards.

    The door swung open, a full sweep.

    “Demiphius!” At the door, his mother, a frown and heavy brows resting upon her disgruntled face. Her left hand, detailed with red polish, rested firmly upon the rear of her scalp. “Child, by the name of Darius, what in Myralis are you doing down there?” She shook her head, slowly.
    Demiphius cried.

    His mother, Camilia Surato, glared at her child for a few rather lengthy moments. His eyes, wet with frivolous tears, a clear contrast to the stale eyes of his mother. Demiphius’ hair flung over his face, in mayhem, a monstrosity of untidiness, lingering in his mouth as he whined. Camilia shuddered at the sight of the boy, turning her gaze from him. Demiphius bowed his view to the floorboards.

    “I’m sorry.” Camilia whispered. “Demiphius, I am sorry. Are you okay?” Camilia lowered herself upon both knees, bending forward toward Demiphius. She lightly grasped his chin with her hand, raising it.

    “My button…” he whimpered as he pulled away from his mother, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

    “Your what?” Camilia pressed her thumb against Demiphius’ left eye, wiping his tears before doing the same to the right.

    Demiphius gestured to the broken button upon his attire. Camilia grabbed onto the cloth he wore, and analyzed it for a moment. She then brushed Demiphius’ hair back with her fingers, giving him a pat on the head. Beside the two, his bed. Camilia reached under the bed, with a grunt, her head pressed sideways against the bed frame, very undignified as royalty. Her hand fumbled about the dark space beneath.

    “Faustus won’t come today, my child.” Camilia grunted with a sweet yet exasperated tone, as she lifted herself from under the bed. She crept closer to Demiphius. “Look,” said. “I found it. You’re okay, my dear.”

    “It’s broken.” Demiphius whined, with a childish pout. His back twitched, a nervous shiver.

    “Demiphius, let me assure you, I will take care of it. Come now, are you hungry?” Camilia ushered her hand outward toward Demiphius, urging him to take hold. Demiphius peered into her eyes.

    “No thank you,” he declared with a clear voice as he wiped his eyes. “I’m not hungry. May I stay in my room, mother?”

    Camilia sighed, lifting herself to her feet. She slowly pondered toward the back of the room, toward the window, with a light shuffle of her feet. Out the window, she gazed. The sky was clear, only a few clouds relaxing in the morning sky.

    “It’s a nice day out, Demiphius. Would you like to go outside with me today?” Camilia whispered through a tight throat, disheartened.

    “No thank you.” Demiphius responded.

    “Okay son. I hope to see you this evening.” Camilia forced a sad smile to Demiphius. He nodded. Camilia paused as she looked to the door, and quickly fled the room.

    Demiphius closed his door and listened, his ear pressed against the door, as his mother’s footsteps grew quieter with distance. As they fell silent, with his sleeve he wiped his eyes and stood firmly before steadily walking to his bed.

    “Hello.” A soft and eager voice echoed throughout Demiphius’ room. Demiphius froze, his eyes widened. “Hello.” The voice called again. Demiphius lifted his legs upon his bed and shuffled to the corner.

    “Who goes there?” Demiphius shouted, his voice blanketed with anxiety. Tears once again fell from his eyes.

    “Don’t be afraid, I’m your friend.” The voice was friendly and calming, sounding of a young boy. The air became stiff. Demiphius’ nose twitched. Aetherium, he smelt. His eyes squinted as he sniffed the stale air.

    “What are you?” Demiphius asked, relaxing his pose, only a little.

    In the corner of the room, Demiphius’ desk sat upon the floorboards. Under the spilt ink and open books sprawled across the surface, under the shelves and between the legs, into the darkness, something glowed. A faint glow, obscured by the legs of his chair. From the corner, a draft, carrying the bitter stench of Aetherium. Demiphius waved the air away, posing with a foul face, his nose buried in his arm. Curious, he placed one foot to the floorboards beside his bed, soon followed by the other. He ducked, slowly, downward until his eyes were level with the legs of his desk and chair. The glow, luminating from the darkness, peered into Demiphius’ eyes. Yellow it was, two yellow lights, glowing. Circular, with hollow slits from which the darkness resides within. For a moment, they blinked away, into the void. Upon a quick return, they glowed further away, backed into the corner.

    “Hello,” Demiphius beckoned with a nod, “What are you doing down there?” Arms sprawled across the floor, Demiphius laid upon the ground, pulling himself closer to the glowing eyes. He stared, curiously, no longer remembering his fear.

    “I have come to play.” It whispered. “Play with me.” With that, he blinked into the void, and the darkness remained.

    "Mother! " Demiphius shouted. "Let's go outside now!"