Application: MissSkinty

  • The moon began it's ascent over the darkening sky over Pianto City, bidding a farewell to the sun and the citizens who have since abandoned the cities streets. The cold silence of the night, only broken by the sounds of paint splattering against the wooden floorboards. The sound of the wind being cut by steel swords has been replaced in the middle of the night with that of the brush against paper. The source of this late night disturbance originates from the brightly lit third floor of the Marcello family estate, towering over the surrounding buildings which stood in solidarity with the dark night.

    From the bedroom window, glimpses of long blonde hair can be seen, desperately attempting to keep up with the bodily movements. A closer look into the private chambers reveals a girl, appearing to be in her twenties, painting all alone in her room. Her utilization of the brush and her fingers in her art possesses the spirit of a child. The look in her eyes as she chaotically paces and twirls throughout the small bedroom chamber contains the passion of a crazed woman. As her red lips part and strands of her blonde hair pass over her face, a joyful tone can be heard throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

    "Beautiful!" The feminine voice can be heard proclaiming to the empty room around her.

    As the room slowly rotates around you, the painting slowly begins to reveal itself. The rich, dark colors of the paint display the portrait of a wealthy man, surrounded by exotic furs and meats. His eyes sheathed by his lids, his mouth tightly sewn shut. The darkened red paint slowly dripping from his tightly shut eyes, seemingly the only paint refusing to dry, remaining wet even on the hands of the artist.

    "Papa.. You're beautiful"

    So continues the nightly ritual of the daughter and heiress of one of the richest family estates in the wealthy capital of Pianto Dia Florina. Determined to carry forward her families long history of aristocratic elitism and dedication to the culture and arts, she hangs the painting to dry in her window sill. Her long white gown following her along the ground as she delicately walks to the edge of her bedroom balcony, looming over the cities streets. As the cold sea breeze gently carries her hair through the air, she looks over the darkened city one last time, with visions for the future.

    Hey! I’m Devon, I was previously a member of Aldemeria, was banned sometime around 2018-2019 (idk its been a minute). I was part of the region Miioko with my friend Sebastian and was the owner of Saito. I am currently 22, live in New York, and my Minecraft username is MissSkinty, previously KylieMinaj. I have been playing Minecraft for about a couple years now, I really enjoy buildings, world building, making communities.

    I tend to focus more on modern builds, like suburban towns, cities, skyscrapers and such but I've dabbled with more medieval and or fantasy builds and would love to expand more on it in this server if accepted.

    Here's a collection of builds I've made

  • Baron

    I don't really feel like you need to answer the questions that we usually ask so you have my vote. 1/5. Glad to see you back.

  • Minister Duke

    Really great writing! Here are a few of the usual questions that are asked:

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What type of races are you most interested in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

  • Minister Duke

    @Loric you could have at least let me ask them first

  • Baron

    Welcome back, have my vote. 2/5

  • Baron

    @bryson3842 Too bad

  • Minister Duke

    But still, since you are a returning member, I shall also give you my vote, 3/5

  • Baron

    my first vote i think 4/5

  • Viscount

    5/5 i got u

  • @bryson3842

    My favorite colors are blue, yellow, and pink.
    I tend to just go with humans, maybe elves.
    I just remember Aldemeria's progression, I would assume it's similar or the same.
    I like to build in snowbiomes, forests or mesa.
    My favorite wood is acacia.

  • Baron

    Pointless 6/5 because I love your writing!

  • I just realized what kind of lore we were talking about...awkward

  • Baron

    7/5 because fuk it

  • Baron

    @MsSkinty Btw, bryson was meaning which fantasy races like dwarves and elves lol

  • yeah im kinda slow

  • Baron

    @MsSkinty It's all good. I have a question though. Being Sebastian's friend, do you think you'll be a vassal to him?

  • Yes I would be a vassal to him

  • Baron

    @MsSkinty Nice! Have fun in Pianto city, my dude!

  • Baron

    I hereby give the Application Ministry approval after a successful voice interview! Nobles (and by that I mean Sebby) can offer to you!

    Welcome back!

  • Baron

    I'm offering you vassalage to Pianto dia Florina, I think you'd be a good fit. Let me know if you accept.

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