The New Plague

  • Minister Duke

    Obrexia had seen what a plague could do to a population. It had survived the Mallacht Luaith not all too long ago. The daoine in particular had elder druids whose grandparents had lived through the time, telling of ways to prepare, to harden their hearts, stockpile for a great time, a ride it out alone. If it had been spreading by land alone, it would have stopped at the border of the Daoine territory, for none went in or out for nearly 2 months.

    Alas, the ships were infected and it spread beyond. Again, it seemed the Obrex communities were rocked hard. Though they had learned some, with improved sanitation in the cities, the plague was stymied and nearly halted for a time. Until some of the towns broke quarantine early. That was a herald of a darker time. It spread among the populace like wild fire through dry brush. Killing many, sparing few. Though with half the lethality of the mallacht luaith, it still killed 3 in 10, which hit the smaller communities the most. It killed elders, leaving many villages without the wisdom of their leadership, and left many towns rudderless, and without direction. It killed the young, mostly infants, and thus children born within the last 2 years mostly did not get to live any longer. It spread and flared north, as word spread that people were breaking quarantine, even affecting Atoria Hold, decimating the population.

    -Excerpt from "A Modern Accounting of the Lands of Obrexia" Draft 2 of Volume 3 by Historian Ogal Keeneye.