Application: Synth_Cross

  • Greetings Lords and Ladies of Candarion,

    My name is Umbria, or that is what the locals of Ikiai Village call me, as I have no recollection of who I was before. On the outskirts of the village I awoke from a deep slumber, I had been told by the elder of the village that I must be a demon, someone who hadn’t passed on to the Aether.

    As I learned that I started to travel around, finding a place for myself. Somewhere that I could settle down where no one would fear me. As I also try to find my memories from before. It even nags me to this day.

    I hope to find a home here in Candarion.
    With thanks,

    Hi my name is Courtney, I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years. I have built with my friends a few times, Chase (or Darius/ Demiphius) being one of them. We had built a few builds together while on another server a while back.

    I am quite interested in fantasy esque stories and role-playing games like D&D. Though yes, I do understand the distinction between roleplay and worldbuilding here on the server, as this is a worldbuilding community.

    I am excited and hopeful to be welcomed into this community!! Thank you so much for taking the time to review my application ❤

    Here is a link to some of my builds.

  • Minister Duke

    Hello, nice lore. Here are a few of the usual questions:

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What type of races are you most interested in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    Also, do you plan to join Darius should you join, or are you willing to go elsewhere?

  • My favorite colors are red and teal/cyan.

    I'm most interested in cat-folk, demons, & witches. Tho I really appreciate anything.

    Yes I understand progression, as Darius walked me through it thoroughly.

    I prefer oak forests or swamp biomes.

    My favorite type of wood would have to be dark oak.

    I am most likely to join Darius, although I am open to exploring other realms.


  • Viscount

    Vote 1/5

  • Minister Duke

    I will give you another vote, 2/5

  • Duke

    I'm fine with this take a vote 3/5

  • Baron

    4/5 from me
    Since you're a real life friend of Darius (I knew his name had to be something like Chase lmao), does that mean you'll be his vassal?

  • Viscount

    @Alexrk what the fuck is that supposed to mean lol

  • Baron

    5/5. All of the votes have been achieved. Please figure out a time to set up an interview with Darius. Good luck.

  • Viscount

    Umbria has been accepted to the Realms of Candarion!


    Liege offers may now commence.

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I would like to extend the offer for you to join me in Obrexia, a land of magic and growth in a turbulent time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or discord.

    I am in EST but feel free to message me whenever or every minute until I respond, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Some more images can be found here on my imgur.

    Join soon and get a free 13.00+ speed horse! Also, I am more than willing to do a tour whenever you want.

  • Viscount

    Semantics semantics, fancy invitation letters blah blah blah... come join me in Ostaria!


  • Baron

    alt text

  • I will be joining Ostaria. Thank you so much for all the offers! ❤

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