Application: Atheris

  • A chit-chattering is heard through a town: "Have you heard the news? A small cloaked silhouette has been seen in town yesterday, at dawn." Another one can be heard not far from the first. "The figure left a post on a wall... Seems like they look for something." Even in a tavern the story is a topic: "...I've heard some say that said mysterious person's cloak looked very fancy, although heavily stained by rain and mud..." A man scoffs on another table. "...Hah! The best part is, they tripped over their own cloak, falling back!" Children too spoke of the stranger: "...When she fell, I saw her beautiful white hair... I wish I had a hair like that! Oh, oh! And her face was somewhat covered with this red mask... Weird, right?" "Her? I'm pretty sure it was a he!" Said one of the children, and another one cut them off: "Oh please Godric! She was too small for an elf, and her skin looked fair enough to be a human... But it was definetely a woman!"

    The post reads as so: "Hello people of Candarion, I come from distant lands seeking a land worthy of recommencing the glory of my clan, the land where once our capitol stood -center of magick and arcane arts- is now corrupted and destroyed by creatures unsafe for the sight of mere human eyes. I beg any lords to accept me into their lands, as I need to upstart my plans and am willing to exchange my knowledge and strength for it.
    -Signed, The Representative, Atheris.

    Hellooo! I'm Kaio, but you can call me Ash if you find it easier. 馃槤 I'm 16, my IGN is AtherisAradia. I play Minecraft since I was little, don't remember exactly when but I do remember beds were not a thing back when I started! 馃檪

    Some of my builds:
    (Sorry, they're in relatively small plots ;3;)

    Heres a special section for those extra questions. o3o

    1. My favorite color is #3c1421, a dark, but smooth red. 馃槃
    2. I like halflings and humans (peeps dont give these races enough love on fantasy settings!)
    3. I use a lot of spruce and dark oak in my builds.
    4. I tend to build on and around mountains and taigas, but I've been experimenting other biomes lately. 馃檪

    Hope that's all I need for an application! 馃槃

  • Minister Duke

    Was just about to post the questions, but you have already answered them ;p. I like your lore a lot and your builds are pretty good! I think I shall give you your first vote. 1/5

  • Baron

    2/5. Very nice stuff and I appreciate when someone takes the time to read other applications and the frequent questions before posting.

  • Baron

    3/5. Congrats!

  • Baron

    Your builds, lore, and general application is amazing. I especially love your stalactite village, underground builds, and that geometric stuff. Overall I think you're a great builder and writer from what Ive seen, and I think you'll be a great fit for the server.
    I just have 2 questions. Which kind of style are you wanting to build on the server, and how out of the box are you willing to go?
    I'll happily give you your 4/5!

  • @Alexrk I thought of building in a somewhat nordic style, but since that is probably over-done I'm happy to do different styles! Here is a simple house I made for a friend of mine in another server, trying out new styles:

  • Baron

    @Atheris Ah nice. I wouldn't worry about anything being overdone, so just do whatever you feel like doing in your own style. In fact, I think I've only seen one overtly Nordic realm. So yeah, could be nice to try new things but dont feel pressured : D

  • Baron

    Take my vote, 5/5

  • Baron

    Take my Vote 6/5. You now qualify for a voice interview. Please contact anyone from the Applications Ministry to set up an interview. Gracias.

  • Viscount

    7/5, please schedule an interview with myself or another individual in the applications ministry 馃檪

  • Baron

    Atheris has been approved for entry to Candarion

    Liege offers may now commence

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I would like to extend the offer for you to join me in Obrexia, a land of magic and growth in a turbulent time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or discord.

    I am in EST but feel free to message me whenever or every minute until I respond, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Some more images can be found here on my imgur.

    Join soon and get a free 13.00+ speed horse! Also, I am more than willing to do a tour whenever you want.

  • Baron

    alt text

  • Baron

    ![alt text](Sa'ardath
    You've been invited to the realm of Sa'ardath!!

    Sa'ardath is an archipelago located in the Southern Sea heavily focused on the sea. The realm is especially characterized by it's highly unorthodox, dreamlike architecture with swirls, domes, and curves galore! Additionally, the people are typical warlike and act as sea raiders and monster hunters on the open ocean.

    Behind that, however, is a deeper mystical aspect based on the Six Winds; magic energies that blow across the world in semi-predictable currents much like mundane wind. This has lead to terrifying sea monsters, extreme biodiversity, fluid and dance-like magic combat, inexplicably bizarre islands, and even a living deity by the name of Oculus.

    Oculus warded the entire realm for 250 years, preventing entrance and exit while making outsiders completely forget about Sa'ardath. Only recently has this ward been broken by revolutionaries set out to kill the god.

    Why you should join:
    路The nearly-no-limits mystical weirdness present on certain islands allows for great creativity.
    路The unique environment can help create great storytelling and narratives
    路Highly unique builds and lore
    路Plenty of currently empty space to work with
    路Proximity to both Sybjyr and Linirea presents many opportunities for collaboration with neighboring realms
    路Active liege
    路Highly efficient wool farm
    路We can be BEST friends : )
    路I'm more than willing to share my resources and be of any assistance

    I will warn you, however. The realm isnt nearly as built up as others are currently, but progress is being made that way steadily. Additionally, the building style is highly unorthodox and you may want to build in other realms too (with their permission) if you were to join me. Also you'd be my first vassal : P

  • Baron

    I would like to invite you to join Oniganche, a realm drawing inspiration from many different Native American and Ancient American cultures of North America.



    Tribal Federations known as Mochs organize into City States with complex caste societies, spending their time warring with one another and outsiders over territory or influence. The Ganche are unified only in their belief system known as Twae'koa. Twae'koa teaches that this world is a prison, and the only way to escape the constant cycle of reincarnation and be accepted back into Paradise is to exemplify the virtues of your assigned caste.

    Current Events-
    Antou's influence seeps into Oniganche, spewing from the vile tongues of Dantaine missionaries. The upper castes of Saskitchemoch have succumbed to this foreign heresy, resulting in discontent and instability among the Moch's populace.

    Led by the prominent young son of the Saskitchemoch Bloodchief - Tioteche, an Exodus of the lower castes flees the Moch. Following Visions thought to be granted by Twae'koa to Tioteche's lover Kaiao, the pair lead the Exodus across Oniganche to an ancient city buried beneath ash and soil - the same city from Kaiao's Visions.

    Not content to huddle in the ruins of a forgotten people, Tioteche sought out and gathered the leadership of the fractured Tribes that made up the Exodus. Together they decided to unite and form Kaiaomoch, starting with reorganizing the people back into Castes and subjugating surrounding local tribes.

    Kaiaomoch now has a tentative hold on survival, but they are surrounded by enemies each way the wind blows. Tioteche balances wars both militaristic and political as he gambles with the fate of Moch and Men.

    Wiki Link-

    Reasons to Join:
    -Ability to work within a fantasy genre that is rarely explored.
    -Opportunity to explore build styles from a nearly limitless list of inspiration. From Longhouses to roundhouses to teepees to pueblos, or even something more unique.
    -Plenty of land and a plethora of biomes you can choose to work in. (including extreme hills)
    -Access to the Sybjyri Realms and their interwoven plotlines and shared histories. (Oniganche is a Founding Member of the Sybjyr)
    -I am available nearly 24 hours a day via discord and I love to chat about lore and writing and schemes.
    -I will take the time to get you whatever you need to get on your feet, and have a sizable amount of stockpiled materials to share.
    -I have been a part of this community for over 2 years now.
    -You are the first applicant I've offered vassalage to in years.

    Please contact me via discord if you have any questions. 馃檪

  • Viscount

    alt text

    Read more about Martoise on our wiki!

    Note: Martoise requires use of the Excalibur resource pack.

    Full disclosure: Martoise is a much smaller and less developed realm than some of the others here, which I like to think means there's more room for you to influence the realm. But if you're looking for a huge collaborative effort with many vassals, it may not be the place for you.

  • Viscount

    I would like to invite you to Ostaria! My offer letter is out of date, and not currently accessible, so enjoy a completely custom and unique invite instead! Wow!

    Ostaria is envisioned as a land of many societies occupying an ancient land of divine magic and elder beings. Within Ostaria you'll find the great imperial nation of Myralis, once an empire, now turned republic after the fall of the not-so-immortal Darius. To the north of the Myralian peninsula is the island of New Ascya, the last refuge of the once conquered Ascyian race. To the South, we have the Kingdom of Caesony. An eternal political rival to the myralians, for the myralians were once a rebelling force of the civil war over a thousand years ago in Caesony. And not to mention, to the east, the Children of the Dwytir, the dyndi. This elven race has a great history with magic, divine beings and curses.

    In Ostaria, you'll encounter epic beasts such as Myral the Dragon, you'll discover a hold of vampire dwarves, and you'll witness the magic of the sentient trees of the Dwytir. Ostaria is a land of many wonders and infinite possibility, a land plagued by a dark history of war and political turmoil. Do you dare join the adventure?

    Hi! With my offer includes a starter set of diamond armour and tools, as well as two free shulkers! Ostaria has a great warehouse full of rich foods , as well as two beacons to help you gather resources! I have many great places for you to come join me to build in, and many great opportunities for lore! I hope you'll consider joining the great lands of Ostaria!

  • Baron

    @Darius pfft stinky boi

  • Viscount

    @Alexrk pfft, queen simp

  • Thanks for the offers! I will be joining Sa'ardath cause its awesome 馃槃

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