IMW: Chapter 5: Year of Lorna

  • Prince

    There are few bad omens, but going to war with wolves during the year of their governing god was one of them. The armies had rearmed, replenished and at the first true melt of the spring they marched back to the western front of Vansen. Everyone within knew well that their enemy had spent the winter replenishing as well, and the battles to come would be no less hard.

    The Knight Valiant returned in their former numbers although no Novitiates rode with their knights having only Knight and Squire Valiant in the front. Regardless of training and desire, the Novitiate were not up to the task to face down wolves, even all of them together offered little more than a single Squire Valiant’s efforts.

    The southern front was met with an organized group of non-combatants who rode with the returning military proper, led by the appointed Bridge Master Horace of Arctos. They were able to replace the destroyed orcish bridge in only two days. The Helian design was sturdy and wide able to support even the weight of a Heavy Draft and it’s cargo. This muster of the bridge and the returned troops had lit a fire behind Sivian and she and her generals pushed across the river once again into the orcish lands, they were hot for battle and knew there was a settlement not far from their last true battlefield.

    In the North they were faced with the daunting task of the island fortress that stood between them and the northwestern reaches of the orc lands. Scouts had made it across the lake during the winter months and had detailed the defenses on the far side and the larger orc settlement a day's ride west of that. They would have to siege the bridge and the island if they were going to push into the northwest.

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