IMW: Battle of Jar'Adnin

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    IMW: Supchapter 1: Battle of Jar'Adnin

    The battle started before the formations were set, green flesh poured from the treeline and tore across the open ground at the still massing Helian forces of the south. Pathfinders who had been sent to scout the approach had met gruesome ends, and the orcs knew they could not wait beyond the slaughter of the scouts.

    The Initial clash was hard, the orcs penetrated the line deeply forcing their way into ranks who were not quite set for battle. The Helian’s who tended to small group battle, with five to ten fighting in small units throughout fell back to a more traditional style. Horns gave two short bursts followed by a long, and the line fell back; the Helians turned into a traditional line, shields supported by spears and heavy pole hammers. Few fought to kill. They delivered blows to slow and maim until the Line was set, no Orc lived behind them. Commanders gave another harsh single horn blast and every Helian roared confirmation that drowned out the battle and the cries of the orcs ahead of them. The speed at which battle tactics changed, the precision that everyone moved with each other even in the chaos of the fighting. It was a testament to the discipline and training of the forces.

    Short, Long Short. The horn signaled the press. The lines stopped fighting defensively and the poles did their work, hammer blows to knees that utterly destroyed the unarmored joints of the orcs who wished to press. Those who tried to break the line were met with spears, others came face to face with plate wearing shield men who did not back down, and took the brunt of the attack with skillful parries that turned into defestating counter attacks. These shock troops were sprinkled in the line and at the right opportunity they dove into the orcs, they were elite, well armored and mobile able to deliver crippling blows and allow their section of the line ot advance or pierce deep into the enemy ranks causing a disruption, although the orcs had no true ranks and the shock troops were used primarily as counter forces and reserve forces for sections of the Helian line who had wavered

    Sivian could not keep herself from the fighting, she and her men at arms held firm delivering crushing strikes when able. She had finally healed and was hungry for warfare, her Blood touched instincts were aflame in the melee. Sprays of black blood misted through her visor and the taste was almost as sweet at the killing.

    “Jar’Adnin not beat!” The bellow roared near her. There was an orc in armor that looked almost purpose made for him. “Jar’Adnin kills!” He said as he drove his axe through a shield and armor of a shock trooper who felt he could take the bellowing orc. Sivian could see her captains move to bar her path from the Orc, they knew full well she would not back down from such a challenge. She sprinted at their backs and shoved through them, the weight of her armor and her strength tempered by the battle around them sent them stumbling forward. She raised her mace and her shield and drove the flanges of the weapon into the armored orc’s hip and then knee before punching him in the stomach with the edge of her shield.

    The deliberate and strong flurry of blows Staggered him and he turned his attention to the black and gold armored fighter before him. “Jar’Adnin accepts!” He roared lifting his head upward and the sound even had his own people step away from the two while the Helian forces stood at a cautious distance, they were not above stepping into the combat should their patron begin to lose.

    He lurched at her, but it was feint, Sivian bit and took an axe to the shield that made her whole arm shudder. The range disparity between them was vast but she had the speed advantage, even in plate. She ducked under a blow meant to smash her head in, and came up under the armpit of the orc with her shield. She drove the edge of it into him, taking him off balance with the sudden upward motion and her considerable strength behind it. He staggered to the side and tried to swipe at her with his other axe but the blow was weakened since he was moving away from her.

    She pressed the attack more, keeping him on the back foot with blows at his head and shoulders. He was strong but his power was just in his arms she could tell he was not driving his blows from his legs and hips like she was. She kept up the flurry until her arms burned and one blow finally found a home against his lower jaw shattering it and sending him to the ground. She stepped in quickly trying to deliver the deathblow but she was too confident and he dropped his axes and delivered a swift straight punch that found a home at her chest and sent her flying back nearly ten feet and sliding another six feet. He said something but the shattered jaw made it unintelligible.

    Sivian spit blood into her helm, she could feel the dent in her armor pressing against her chest. But there a smile plastered onto her face. She got to her feet and hefted her mace again and the shield. She could feel the tremors in the ground of the orc charging her even if she couldn’t see it. She jumped to the side and dive rolled back to standing. She bent her knees and propelled herself forward at the orc and drove her shoulder into her side he staggered enough for her to deliver another hard blow to his knee, the same one she had struck at the start and the ligaments and bone gave way with a pop. he dropped to a knee and yelped in pain. She punched him in the open mouth with the edge of her shield, and a fountain of blood spurted from the dripping wound that used to be his mouth. She swung hard overhead and drove the flanges of the mace into his skull. There was a pop and a spurt and his arms went limp. She stepped away from him and the group around here was quiet. She roared and lifted her fist. The Helians did the same are Jar’adnin tipped to the side dead.

    The Helians didn’t wait for the order to attack and charged forward into the stunned orcs who watched one of their leaders fall.

    Sivian’s captains came to her aid but she pushed them away.

    The battle was decided at the death of Dar’Adnin and the Helian’s drove the Orcs back into the woods. There was a general order for small groups to venture into the forest to keep the orcs from regrouping.

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