Comets, War & Death

  • Duke

    Comets hold an ominous place for Helios as they often signs of the god of war Alkourie and are never a sign of peaceful times to come. The Story of Komet is one that is known to almost all who have studied the gods even in a passing sense, it is also a common tale for artists to depict in many forms.

    "It is said Komet, the Son of War, was a man who was born to be a the vessel of the great god of violence. He was born from humble beginnings although he was born under a red comet that streaked through the night sky. The morning came and silent warriors waited at his mothers door. They knew their patron was close in him. No weapon could not be used, no battle lost. he did his best not to seek out violence but it came to him as a never ending tide. The Comet was prophesied to come again quickly, and in its lead many gathered in a spontaneous festival of violence. It spread across the countryside and came to a head with the arrival of Komet drawn to the center of the violence by some unknown hand. The Comet streaked across the sky and Komet as taken away with it. Those present said that he spoke little but what he said was both uplifting and terrifying."

    Be Blessed, for I am the peace when the battle ends
    Lament for I am but one of many to come
    My Sister comes on a white comet, she will choke the rivers with the dead
    My Brother comes on a golden comet, he will salt the fields with bones
    My Father rides the red comet, with him ends the world once again.

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    Artist Depiction of Kamet the White