SoE: Edwin & Stefani

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    The Suppression of Evil: (SoE:)
    A collection of short stories, each detailing the unique final moments of the infamous Blood-feasting Demons, who for generations have stood on both sides over the war for peace within Pianto City. For more information on the Demone Del Sanguine please [Click Here]

    In the darkened midst of the night, under the glimmering blessings of the city's streetlights, the pile of blood-drained bodies illuminated the otherwise deserted urban terrain. The deafening silence had only been broken by the humble mutterings of the lone survivor, a young woman, whom had been tied in place, forced to witness the blood-thirsty murder of her family.

    “Our holy mother Florina, goddess Cecilia, venger Ignis please save me..” The woman muttered in repetition, seemingly immune to the presence of the looming figure over her body. The man, whose pale, cold hand gently caressed the underneath of the woman’s jaw, lifted her face to his.


    The sudden sense of unease and fear overwhelmed the woman who began to shriek near endlessly, her sounds of terror carrying throughout the dense urban environment. The orchestra of pain was joined by the heavy footsteps of a newcomer to the battlefield, a woman whose appearance seemed to be near equal to that of the hell-raising demon.

    “Stefani!” The man called out, letting go of the woman beneath him and turning to give his full attention to the woman he appears to know. “You’ve come.. I’m so happy, I’ve found you --” His heart-felt words fell on deaf ears as the woman abruptly ended his speech.

    “Edwin, I’ve come to kill you.” She gently spoke, void of any emotion as she continued to step closer to the blood-soaked man. Clad in only cloth clothing, and with only a small blade tucked along the side of her leg, the seemingless fearless female warrior took to a swift running pace as she lunged herself at the man.

    Edwin, expecting the sudden outburst of emotion and energy from his sister, gracefully side-stepped the fist coming towards him, giving himself the advantage of being behind his opponent, but hesitated to lunge back. His position and lack of action allowed Stefani the opportunity to swiftly swing her body around and land her elbow into the side of Edwin’s ribcage.The sudden blow sending him a step back, as a rush of air escaped his body.

    “Bitch -”

    The two began a dance of blows as they used only their fists to communicate years of lost time between them. In the heat of their movements, Stefani grabbed for his neck and sank her nails into his throat, drawing a large amount of blood from his pale skin. Swiftly grabbing her hand from his neck, Edwin managed to overpower the hungered warrior and flung her body onto the ground between them. A gasp of air could be heard from her as she slammed into the cobblestone bricks, blood from her lungs now joining the outpour from Edwin’s neck wound.

    Falling on top of her fallen body, he sank his sharp canine fangs into the neck of his opponent. As he removed his fangs from the pale skin, a gush of darkened blood began to flow from the bite wound. Edwin couldn’t help but to lick the remnants of blood off his lips as the swift movement of a sharpened dagger beneath him sent him rising to his feet. Across his stomach began to form a line of blood, a result of his sister’s blade. The deep wound sent a shockwave throughout his body, as he covered the opening with his palms and felt the unease of his stomach muscles tearing themselves apart. A blood curdling scream could be heard throughout the entire city as his blood-soaked body now turned to his opponent, just beginning to stagger onto her feet.

    “Please brother..” Stefani said, the swift retreat of blood from her body interrupting her sentence. “Just die!” she shouted out, as her bloodied hands clutched onto the small dagger and her trembling legs clutched onto the cobblestone steps beneath them, sending her lunging after her weakened sibling.

    “First mother.. Then father.. Now me? Who's the monster!?” Edwin called out, screaming into the empty night sky, before preparing himself for the next impact. “If only you came with me..”

    As the two warriors collided in the middle of the street, the screams of their hate-filled emotions could be heard by an observer, perched above the combat, watching from the safety of the city’s rooftops. The darkened figure, whose body was cloaked in a black shroud, unwavered in the face of the rising bloodshed. Beneath them, the two warriors continued their relentless onslaught.

    Edwin, using his superior mass over the smaller female warrior, continued to unleash a fury of deep bite wounds, each sending a gush of fresh blood onto the battlefield. His once pale skin had now become indistinguishable from the deep red of blood. Stefani’s own hands had become a deep shade of red as she continued her dagger’s onslaught upon her opponent’s torso, seeking a critical strike on his heart.

    Suddenly, and to the surprise of the watching shadow, the swift motions of combat came to an end, and the orchestra of violence had been replaced with the silent moans of the lone-surviving captured woman. As the observer stepped closer to the edge of the building’s rooftop, he witnessed the man rising from Stefani’s motionless body. His staggering steps brought him to the terror-filled woman as he leaned over her, his stomach now gaping open and his internal organs barely able to contain themselves within his vessel. Using what little strength remained in his body, he released the woman from her confinement and fell to the ground as she ran to escape the bloodied battlefield.

    By the time the observer arrived at the bloody scene, Edwin had fallen and his intestines laid sprawled out on the streets. A mere couple feet from him, laid Stefani whose body was riddled with bite marks, blood emanating from them. The observer took the time to crouch beside the lifeless body of the female warrior and close her open eyes.

    “May Florina accept your soul as forgiven, my daughter..”

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