1.15.2 Primer

  • Baron

    Well folks, 1.16 is nearly here which means that is our cue to move to 1.15! We'll be updating to 1.15.2 shortly across both the survival and creative servers, here is a quick run-down on everything you'll need to get to speed.

    You can read more about 1.15 here.

    Client-side mods
    Everything ya'll use should be pretty well updated so here is a list of download links to get you going, I recommend installing in the order these mods are listed.

    1. Fabric: Windows/universal installer
      Install and run your 1.15.2 fabric install prior to moving forward, remove all the mod jars present in your mods folder PRIOR to running the new version EXPECT the "mamiyaotru" folder (if present) - that is your voxel map data folder.

    2. Fabric API v0.5.1 build 294: Mod link
      Place in your mods folder and run your game once before moving on

    3. VoxelMap v1.9.16: Mod link

    4. Light Overlay v4.3: Mod link

    5. Litematica v20200302.233247: Mod link

    6. Malilib vdev.20+arne.2 (Used by litematica): Mod link

    7. Mouse Wheelie v1.4.5+mc1.15.2-pre1 (Inventory sorter): Mod link - scroll to "recent files"

    8. Optifabric vBeta-8: Mod link - scroll to "recent files"

    9. Optifine vPre13: Mod link - select "preview versions"

    Resource Packs:
    John Smith 1.15.2 Candarion Edition: Resource pack link
    John Smith 1.15.2: Resource pack link
    Conquest 1.15.2: Couldn't find it, ask Loric probably

    That's pretty much it, I'll make an announcement when the update will occur and when it's complete so watch discord for the exact times!

    -Memeorooni and cheese

  • Baron

    This is Excalibur erasure.

    (Excalibur is currently not updated for 1.15)

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