Petrified Oak Slab Recipe Discussion Pt.2

  • Baron

    So, @Alric has already posted this discussion before but it's quite dated and no one contributed to the discussion. Link to the previous discussion:

    So essentially, Petrified Oak is a type of slab that's unobtainable in survival Minecraft, and it's only something that can be obtained via the creative menu or spawned in. On various Resourcepacks packs (most notably the JS Candarion Pack and Excalibur) the top model of the petrified oak slab is repurposed to a model that imitates a table. Examples below:
    alt text

    I personally don't find anything to be game-breaking if we add this recipe in, and since it's unobtainable, I would say that's even more of a reason to add the block in. Overall, I'm proposing to add a crafting recipe that'll add the block in-game, the recipe that I'm personally putting up would look something like this:
    alt text
    Feel free to leave your suggestions on what the crafting recipe should look like.

    Please discuss

  • Viscount

    I see no reason not to. I like the recipe you already have proposed.

  • Baron

    I'd actually be down for this one. I like the ratio of 3:1 to make it somewhat more difficult.

  • Baron

    I'm so down, and like the recipe suggested.

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