Soren's Notes #32

  • Baron

    It has been a rather tiresome task maintaining my work. The prison bars have been melted again with the live ones' caustic projectiles. I had to replace them with a corrosion resistant material, but all of these miscellaneous costs have impacted my treasury. I can hardly host anyone in my hall anymore with most of the help abandoning me. My wife's even had to prepare food for our family. All the work with the kids and the house, it's killing her. I've kept myself in the laboratory, I just can't bear to see her.

    Part of me dearly regrets becoming so.. consumed with my pursuit of the myrmidons and their drug. My captives' clicks and screeches cheer me on, however, and I know why I've set down this path. It will all be worth it in the end, I swear. Once those bugs are out of my city, the streets will cheer for me and I'll be immortalized in my work. I'll be known as the single best governor this city has had the pleasure of having, even if they don't understand that now. The powerful merchants speak of deposing me, the fools, and the rabble riot. They will all love me and celebrate me and adore me, I just need more time.

    I just need more time, please. My experiments on the bugs only bring me small victories, but they will add up. I swear it, soon it will all click and I'll know my enemy through and through. If I can reverse engineer the bug-juice, maybe I can help my people recover from their dreaded bug-juice and I can expel the buggers. If I can prove that this drug is a malicious attack, I may even sway Eternal to expel them from all of Aiolia.

    The walls are closing in fast, though. My people complain, my peers seek to replace me, and I swear I can hear clicking outside of my walls. Maybe the bugs saw me abduct one of their brethren. I've been so careful, and what do I get? Clicking. Click click click. They're all watching me, waiting for me to waver. No! I stand tall! I'm the governor of Secunda damnit! Those diabolical myrmidons, planning and scheming out there across the river. Their abominable bug-juice and their knights walking through the streets. And their clicking! It gets louder and louder every passing moment. If they are here, they can't stop me. They don't know who they're messing with. I am Soren Crucillas III and I will complete my mission and it will all go away. Click click clicking myrmidons be damned!

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