The Dántaine Region

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    Dántaine is a region in the northeast of the Sejíre (Sybjyr) continent consisting of six formerly-united realms: Martoise, Bastienne, Anóuse, Mértere, Parmieux, and Mátergine. Together, these states -- and three others which have since been conquered and absorbed -- formed a single duchy under the rule of the Arcosian Empire. After the Cataclysm, the states broke apart and fought amongst each other for four centuries until, in -591, the Paix Dántaine was established, with each realm's leader signing a treaty that has led to moderate peace in the area for the past six centuries.

    Trade between the Dántaise realms is prolific. Caravans carrying wines, cheeses, herbs, and lumber travel through a dense network of roads through the land, and the realms bordering la Mer Grise also trade bulk goods via boat. Dántaine also trades to a lesser extent with international realms. Parmieux is especially friendly with the Germanic realms to the west of Dántaine, and Martoise has close relations with Kirrand.

    The Dántaise realms share a common language, religion, and culture, and are tightly linked by a complex network of political and religious ties. Political marriages are common, making the rulers of all six realms interrelated to various degrees. Each realm's leader is also "approved" by the Ántouist Grand Moine (High Monk), who resides in a central monastery in Anóuse. Religion has played a large role in conflicts in Dántaine, with the majority of wars being crusades over different interpretations of Ántouism. Nowadays, however, the realms are united in their belief system which has led to nearly zero political violence in the area for the past century.


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