Application: Batteryacids

  • Greetings, Lords and Ladies,

    My name is Jediah Stone. I'm here requesting a room for a night, perhaps at a local inn, then I will be on my way. I've been traveling the lands for years now, searching for something, unsure of what. After I was cast out of the Lands of Noitubara, a wandered throughout the Bushwilds for a time, and now I find myself here, the first to cross the Great Divide. My time there was dark. Strange beasts and monsters lurk in its depths. Many nights i questioned my sanity, haunted by phantoms from my past. The people I had brought with me for our adventure didn't make it. One awoke in the middle of the night, staring out into the divides depths for hours on end. One night, he jumped, proclaiming something was calling him down there... whatever it was, his ecstatic shouts quickly silenced once out of view. Another had been acting strangely for a few days, zoning out, not talking, twitching frequently. Everyone one the ship was awoken to the bloodcurdling screams of him dismembering another crew member. Id rather not talk of the other deaths, some I don't remember myself, and other too horrifying to retell. As I, the lone survivor, stepped onto shore of the plains of Devidah, I scaled the Whiterock Mountains, and traveled through the forests of Lendoa, and I now find myself here, requesting your service. So. Do you accept?

    Hey everyone, my names Joseph and I've been playing minecraft for 7 or 8 years pretty consistently and I live in America (EST)
    My minecraft username is Batteryacids
    I have experience running multiple servers as well as a realm at one point.
    I love worldbuilding and building.

    I've written a few of my own short stories and my first introduction as well as attempt at world building was at the age of 11, I am now 19.


    Thats all!

  • Minister Duke

    Hello! Here are some of the usual questions:
    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What type of races are you most interested in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

  • @bryson3842 All colors are my favorite lol, I'd probably be most comfortable building in a human race style, and I'm assuming the server is a story based survival building server, and spruce is my favorite wood

  • Minister Duke

    Had to look for a bit to find the indepth explanation: You need builds and lore to progress in personal ranks, as well as later on needing specialized builds. A build is not something that has a really general definition, but for something like a building to be a build, it needs an exterior as well as a furnished interior. Houses and shops are not the only thing that counts as builds, and what to count is something that can only really be developed as you play, and work with your liege. After the first two non-noble ranks, after the base rank of commoner, is Baron, which is the biggest divide we currently have. Achieving the rank of Baron gives you a vote in our democracy as well as enables you to found your own realm. Currently, achieving Baron and higher ranks give rewards, as well as what was mentioned previously. As to the lore needed, that is something that you will have to work with your liege on. That is also something I should probably explain, after a successful voice interview, realm leaders can offer you to join their realm as a vassal, where you will most likely do most of the work up until the Baron stage. Any build that is within a claimed piece of land can be counted, but most tend to stay in their home area until they get a feel for the server. If you are interested in a realm but they have not offered to you, it is encouraged that you reach out to the leader of the realm to talk to them about it. Another point that should be brought up is that after a successful voice interview you will be allowed onto the server to take tours of potential realms before you have to select one to join. I think that covers most everything, and also probably too much at the same time, but if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

    Otherwise, I shall give you your first vote. 1/5

  • Viscount

    @Batteryacids Hi, have you joined our discord?

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