Bryson's Clearing Company

  • Minister Duke

    Do you have a pesky forest in your way? One mountain simply an eyesore? Do you want them out of your life? Well, I have an offer for you. I will get rid of it, and all I need is at least half of the resources obtained from removing it.* Currently, I have had 2 hopefully satisfied customers, but that was before the incorporation. Turn around times are usually quick, clearing a piece of land for Tsal in around 2 hours after having first received the assignment. I have also cleared a large section of forest for Tioteche in the past, and that turnaround was quick as well. If you have any questions, or any jobs, simply pm me, or reply here.

    *Prices may vary with the amount of work required and a time estimate based upon past jobs. If you simply want someones help clearing something I am more than willing to do that as well at a reduced price.

  • Baron

    This post is deleted!

  • Minister Duke

    I still do this, just fyi, ask Kyrin and Tsal, two happy (hopefully) customers.

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